How to pickle eggs pike to make it tasty and useful

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What could be more delicious Russian pancakes, but with salty caviar?Delicious!No wonder the old days, no royal lunch did not do without sort of delicacy.Besides fishing, and now many people like to indulge.And if the catch is good, sometimes it comes across even "happy" fish - caviar.

How useful fish dishes, it is now known to all.And about the healing properties of caviar go just a legend among the people.In fact, this product is relatively easily digested and absorbed by the body, and yet is a true treasure trove of protein.Elderly or debilitated patients often postoperative doctors advise to consume the food as much as possible of this wonderful gift of nature.

It remains only to properly pickle caviar, that is tasty and has retained its beneficial properties.That's why a lot of people and are interested in the question of how to pickle pike caviar, for example, or walleye.

course, tastes best turns red caviar and sturgeon fish.But really if so happened that we were lucky to catch pickerels, but just before spawning, you should know how to salt pike spawn.

first condition in order to get a high quality product is the right choice of container for salting.There is nothing better than pickle pike spawn in the lime barrel or tub.

condition number two, of course, is the quality of the fish with caviar: it must be extremely fresh!And when the initial excavation for salting the product be sure to take into account the fact that in any case can not break the gall bladder.Otherwise, all the eggs will have to throw it away, because it would be disgusting bitter.

poredvaritelnom Now on stage - preparing eggs for pickling.Taken out layers of caviar should be in the film.Before salted pike roe, it should be washed, and only then remove the film.To do this it is best to beat the eggs with a fork and strain through a sieve.You can use a colander or mesh.

Some chefs offer for the convenience of separating film layers first scalded with eggs, put them in a fine sieve.Boiling water should be drained immediately, so we can not do it in a pan or bowl - it is simply cooked and lose its original flavor.

also to separate the shell, you can use a meat grinder.In this treatment, the film rewound by a knife, and the eggs freely flow out through the holes in the bowl.

Since the fish are very common parasites that can cause a lot of trouble a person should take care of prevention of various diseases associated with the consumption of fish products.That is why after the cleaning of eggs from the films there is a need again scalded her with boiling water while stirring the product thoroughly in a sieve.This treatment helps protect against helminths, but the calf will not let boil.

Only after this preparation process can proceed directly to the ambassador.Per kilogram of caviar is usually put about 100 grams of salt and gently stirred her hands.Then, two hours cleaning product in a cool place so that it is present.However, some chefs offer to suffer a little longer - 8 hours.Then the eggs will be even tastier.

That's all there is - Cut bread, smear it with oil and top slip on caviar!Although you can wait and pancakes to absolutely royally turned.

But as salted caviar pike can be, not only in this way, it is necessary to acquaint readers with other recipes.

Pike caviar (recipe)

However, this method involves the use of the finished product for a week, because it is included in the formulation of a component such as onions.

To make this original dish should take 200 grams of caviar pike, two heads chopped onion rings, 20 grams of vegetable oil, salt, pepper and vinegar to taste.After cleaning the eggs from the shell you need to mix all the ingredients and put the finished product in the refrigerator for 8 hours for maturation.

If salted eggs correctly, this tasty snack, few ever tasted.