How to become beautiful in 11 years?

Boys - future men.Many mothers emphasize this in reference to his son.How to become a handsome guy in the future, to please the girls, want to know many teenagers.After ten years of puberty and begins active growth.

Vigorously develop sebaceous and sweat glands.Most ordinary hygienic care is inadequate.The boys need special tools for skin care.Just like teenage girls.The skin can be oily, normal or dry.Therefore, and taking care of it should be different.

How to become beautiful in 11 years?

First you need to pay attention to the face.It always falls on the face of it.If the skin is shiny, it looks unhealthy, then it is bold type.It does not make attractive teenager.There may be acne and rashes.It is recommended to wash frequently, clean the skin with special means, containing a small amount of alcohol to dry matter basis, and antibacterial.Soften the water for washing can be baking soda.Also be sure to follow the diet, eat less oily and spicy.

Sometimes the skin peels off strongly, this means one thing - it is dry.It's simple - help cream for dry skin.And do not be ashamed of this, taking care of yourself - it is reasonable and correct.Wash preferably without soap and warm water only.

If the skin is normal, you just have to keep her condition, washing up twice a day with a special gel.What else pay attention, it's the appearance of hair.


How to become beautiful in 10-11 years?Find the answer is not difficult.The rules are simple: good care of the hair, original and stylish haircut, comfortable clothing and shoes that are matched by age - all this is the key to success.Of course, school and sports, trekking with friends and ordinary days it is necessary to dress differently.The school is clear - each has its own dress code, it will have to abide by, if you respect the teachers, the rules of the institution.

In this age often have disagreements with parents and child in choosing clothes.It is important to find a solution that will satisfy both sides.The boys move a lot, they are active and not sit on the ground.Choose must be practical, comfortable, natural material clothing.Things in the locker room of a teenager should not constrain or limit its motion.


How to become beautiful in 11 years?We need to think, what teenager is interested in what style of dress is more suitable for him.Boys playing soccer, exercise, fit a freer style of clothes and sneakers.If it is quiet, likes to read, to learn a lot of new and cognitive, it will be like a classic.It should also be noted that the recently valued unusual design, a combination of bright colors and unusual cut.The main thing is to know the feeling of a measure and consult with a specialist.How to become beautiful in 11 years?Find their own, unlike any other whose style of dress.


Now pay attention to the hair.Dirty hanging icicles, neprochesannaya hair on your head no one will decorate.Compulsory shower and shampoo, of course, necessary.The boys - just the ability to get dirty aces.After all, they are constantly in motion.They are interested in everything: a new car, motorcycle, sports games.

If a teenager realizes how important the health of the body, it will be much easier in the future to comply with these basic rules.It should be noted that, of course, need to follow and the state of the nails on the hands and feet.

trendy hairstyles

How to become beautiful in 11 years, and others like it?Proper selection of stylish hairstyles, too, this will help.At this age, already formed a certain image of a boy at all.It is necessary to choose a hairstyle that is suitable.Usually, it's still short hair.Some make a little chaos on the head, which looks pert and original, someone chooses a neat, stylish hairstyle.

Here girls often enjoy rowdy boys with views.Strands that are a bit messy look, give a unique and original way.The main thing that a haircut approach was original and fit into the canon of modern fashion and trends.

We hope that these tips will help boys understand how to become beautiful.10 years - this is the age when you can start to think about it.