Beware of infertility!

Female infertility - subtle and complex problem.Its solution is often delayed for many years, it is worth a lot of money and do not go in vain for overall health.Besides, no doctor can guarantee the success of the treatment.

The most common cause of infertility in women hormonal dysfunction or the anatomical features of the structure of the genital organs.However, sometimes we inadvertently or unknowingly themselves deprive ourselves of the joys of motherhood.

Most of all women at risk, nonchalantly referring to her intimate health.But genital infections occupy a very special place in the list of reasons, do not give the woman to become a mother.Chlamydia, mycoplasma, gonorrhea, viral infections, but the same thrush, if not diagnosed and treated, eventually lead to the emergence of adhesions in the fallopian tubes and ovaries, dysfunction of sexual organs, and the impossibility of receiving food egg and embryo.

At risk are those women who are often subject themselves to the fact that the language of the doctors called household intoxications, but in fact turns out to be banal smoking or alcohol.This also can be attributed to drug use.And, for women's reproductive health bad habits are far more detrimental than for men.I like to be pampered cigarette and a glass many times more at risk of sexual function disorders earn or menstrual irregularities.And in the case of pregnancy former addiction to alcohol or tobacco can cause complications up to miscarriage.

Excess weight also puts women at serious risk of never becoming a mother.In adipose tissue contains hormones, such as leptin, which influence ovulation, interfere with this natural process.And in the absence of a viable ripened egg which could be talking about the pregnancy?In addition, obesity leads to changes in the exchange of sex hormones, which is fraught with irregularities and disorders of the reproductive function in women.However, not only the excess, but the lack of weight may cause infertility in women.

To reduce the chances of pregnancy can be zero and uncontrolled medications.Many medications as a side effect affect the intimate sphere of the female body.No wonder almost every annotations attached to the drug, it says: "do not take during pregnancy and lactation."These drugs, in particular, non-prescription analgesics, which are to help the girls often turn painful menstruation.And the result is that solving a juicy problem, we put ourselves at risk not to have children in the future.

The same applies to the reception of contraceptive drugs.It is not necessary to assign themselves such tablets themselves.On the contrary, we should always remember that all of the problems and issues related to reproductive health, need to be addressed with the help of a gynecologist.Because the price is too high self.

And, of course, very important to protect yourself from stress.Invisible assumed that all health problems - from nerves.Permanent residence under psychological pressure can destroy any balance, including the nature of the course and verified the reproductive cycle in the female body.Because stress is necessary, wherever possible, be avoided.And if that fails, you will have to learn not to save themselves in their negative impact on time and "let off steam".

good mood and a healthy lifestyle, nobody has brought harm.On the contrary, healthy food, enough sleep, exercise and a sensible control of body weight often help in solving health problems.Including reproductive.

Moms, stay healthy!

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