How to cook curd dessert?

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Curd dessert is always held in high esteem.After all, it is very tasty, healthy and can be very diverse.And you can not only buy in the store, but also to make their own.

banana curd dessert

Prepare tasty delicacy can in a jiffy.Take 300g of cottage cheese, a banana, a touch of vanilla, half a cup of milk, 50 g sugar.To get the dessert cheese in a blender to whip all the ingredients.It turns out very soft, tender mass, which have the opportunity to decorate a variety of means (powdered sugar, fruit or jam).

Raspberry cheesecake dessert gelatin

It will take a lot of time preparing this general curd miracle.So often even have to break the entire process of creating a dessert for a few steps.If you planned a holiday, it is better to do the day before to prepare special cakes and jelly, and then just before serving to create a cheese mousse.And will only collect part of the dessert.

So, take a little bit of ingredients: 400g of raspberries, a glass of sugar, 2 packets of gelatin, 100 g of flour, a bit of butter (about 50 g), 1 egg (yolk even more precise), vanilla sugar (pinch), 150 g of cottage cheese, sour cream pack.Now you can begin to phase out and slowly cook:

  • Making raspberry jelly.Berry and 3 tablespoons sugar fall into the container, which is placed on the fire.Once let raspberry juice through a sieve hot mixture is passed and becomes a puree.In the meantime, the water dissolves the gelatin and 5-10 minutes standing until swell.Only then mashed raspberries and gelatin mixed.The mixture is poured into containers, the depth should not exceed 7-8 mm.They go to the refrigerator to jelly frozen.
  • Prepare the dough.Flour is sieved and mixed thoroughly with 20g sugar.This also added to softened butter.It must first be cut into small cubes.All this is necessary to grind it hands to form fine crumbs.This also joins the yolk and 1 tablespoon of water.The dough is ready.40 minutes it goes to the refrigerator, and then rolled and cut to size kremanok where the dessert will be served.Such pechenyushki laid on a baking sheet and bake until done.The main thing that they got even.
  • Beat cream cheese.Bag soaked gelatin in water.A single cup of whipped cottage cheese, sour cream and all the remaining sugar.Here it is placed and gelatin.All thoroughly mixed.This put the bowl in a pan of hot water to the cream is frozen.
  • Assembling the dessert.In a special mold put cream cheese.In this form it is sent to the refrigerator.Once laid on top of a small layer of jelly and cream poured all again.Another dessert is sent for 10 minutes in a refrigerator.Another layer of jelly falls on.Finally the form is filled to the brim with cream.Prior to final solidification dessert is refrigerated.It takes about an hour.Before serving food on a plate stacked sandy foundation, and the top finished cheesecake dessert.

Curd dessert "Assorted SpringĀ»

sometimes I'd like to treat yourself to a treat.The whole family will love this dish.For him, it should prepare half a lemon, 6 eggs, a cup of sugar, a bag of vanilla sugar, half a glass of semolina, half a kilo of cheese, stewed cherries or cherries (required only berries) ounce apricot jam is also useful.

Be sure to turn on the oven.While it heats, lemon zest Grate, and in a separate mixer bowl beat the eggs, the sugar and zest.As soon as the lush foam is introduced into a mixture of cottage cheese and semolina.Everybody got cottage cheese dough is spread on a baking sheet or in a form.Top fall in the middle of a canned fruit compote.All this dessert is baked in the oven for about half an hour.

Apricot jam need to put in a saucepan and heat over low heat until it becomes liquid.It is they who daubed just desserts.So he served at the table.

pamper their loved ones is easy.It is enough to take the time to cook a cheese dessert.