How to cook a chicken in the oven

Chickens in the oven - it's a great way to please the whole family a delicious dinner.Besides the preparation of this dish does not take much time and effort.Bake the chicken in the oven is not difficult, so you will also be given to his family.If properly prepare this dish, it turns out juicy, tender and tasty.

most often cooked chicken in the oven, stuffed with apples.The result is a marvelous golden crust and aroma of apples can not be replaced by anything.This dish can be submitted not only his family, but also the guests to the festive table.To make it, you need to take a chicken, weighing about 2 kg.It needs to be thoroughly cleaned and remove the feathers and innards.Then, rub the chicken carcass on all sides with salt.You can use a large common salt.Sprinkle chicken pepper and spices at your discretion.You can use a special seasoning for chicken or pick them up herself.In order to get a nice meal, add a little paprika.Rub the carcass should be on all sides, and even inside.Then clean about four cloves of garlic.One of them cut into large pieces and put into the chicken.The rest is passed through the press and rub the mixture obtained carcass.Onion to clean, cut into large pieces and put into the well.Apples should be washed, cored and cut into medium slices.Then they stuffed with a chicken carcass.

Take a culinary and thread to sew up the chicken, and then connect its feet.Wings refineries carcass that during cooking are not scorched.Next chicken carcasses should be laid on a baking sheet and send in the oven.The temperature is exhibiting around 200 degrees.Hens are prepared in the oven about 2.5 hours.To the dish turned ruddy with golden crust, it is sometimes necessary to pour chicken fat that stood out during frying.It will also make it juicy and tender.
We get the chicken from the oven and give it a little stand.Then remove the thread and make out the dish nicely.To do this, we take out the apples and spread them around the chicken.Chicken carcass can be cut into pieces a la carte.Sprinkle with chopped herbs and serve.

What else can cook in the oven of the chickens?Roast.To do this, take the chicken and fill it with cold water for about half an hour.Next you need to pour the broth into the pan and let it boil.In the boiling broth to lay out the chicken and give it boil again.We take out the chicken and wipe it dry with a towel.Carcase salt and rub with oil.Inside the carcass must also put a piece of butter, then the chicken is juicy.Put it in the oven.Before the end of cooking the carcass smear egg and sprinkle with breadcrumbs.Fry the chicken in the preheated oven at medium temperature.Cooked chicken got, carve and serve with vegetables.

can cook grilled chicken in the microwave.To do this, rub the carcass spices and seasonings, salt.Chicken Feet is desirable to wrap the foil.Just attach it carefully.We spread the chicken on the grill, put a bowl under it, which will drain the fat.Enable mode "only the microwaves" and full power.Cook for about 10 minutes.Then turn mode "Combi 2" and fry for 10 minutes on each side.Then turn off the microwave, but the chicken got only 2-3 minutes.The process does not take much time.Chickens are roasted in the oven much longer.But how to cook a chicken, one chooses to your liking.

And finally, some advice.Put the chicken only in the preheated oven and cook it over medium heat.To chicken turned rosy, enable "grill" for 10 minutes until cooked.If such a regime not, lubricate it with a small amount of honey or cream.Lemon and garlic makes the chicken tender and flavorful.Treat your loved ones a simple but very tasty dish.