What happens to snack on chips?

snack on chips - it's delicious.And to ensure that it is not only delicious, but also beautiful and easy to prepare snacks need balanced, smooth and of the same shape chips.It is best suited for this purpose chips "Pringles".They pressed from the potato mass.All the same shape - a boat.On such chips is easy to put the stuffing, they are firmly on the plate, and the result looks very nice.If you can find other chips that have the same properties, you can use them as well.

But first you need to prepare the stuffing.Here much depends on the personal tastes of the cook and guests, the options are vast.Why not just added to the stuffing for a snack on chips cheese, seafood, vegetables, herbs and much more.In fact, snack on chips can be prepared from any finely chopped salad.

This article presents several original recipes for the filling of the snack.For example, a simple and tasty alternative: doing a mixture of grated cheese, chopped garlic and mayonnaise.Make this mixture is easy, just need to analyze it into chips and decorate.For example, olives and herbs.

snack on chips can be prepared with a lot of ingredients.So, to cheese and garlic, you can add fresh carrots, which makes snack brighter and more beautiful, as well as adding a new flavor.Generally, combined with vegetables and garlic, cheese, especially in combination with cheese - are quite common combination.Well suited to the cheese and chips, such as tomatoes or peppers.However, cheese - such as optional ingredient as any vegetable.

often make stuffing with crab sticks.Appetizer on chips with crab sticks can be more diverse than the cheese with vegetables.

200 g of crab sticks and 2 medium tomatoes cut as finely as possible and mix with 100 g of cheese "feta".To this mixture was added foliage and placed on a stuffing chips.Cheese "feta" can be replaced with the cream cheese.And in both cases, it turns out the original salad dressing, stuffing, successfully combines the cheesy taste and consistency of mayonnaise or sour cream.On the other hand, it is possible to do the usual ingredients.

Another option appetizers: crab sticks, green onions, game, Canned corn, grated cheese, mayonnaise.You can do without crab sticks, in this case they act as a bulking agent.

Snack on crackers - it's just a variation on the theme snacks on chips.Similarly, the filling is laid out on various savory crackers and served on the table.Both of these options are ideal for a variety of occasions and won the hearts of gourmets all over the world for its taste and quick preparation.

Another interesting option snacks made from puff pastry, this appetizer called "Napoleon", by analogy with a sweet cake of puff pastry.Many do it out of the finished cakes for "Napoleon."

Also ready cakes, you need to prepare in advance a pound of mushrooms, 300 grams of chicken fillet, 3-4 eggs, onion, 100 g of cheese, mayonnaise, spices to taste.First you need to cut and fry the onions and mushrooms.Chicken and eggs Boil, cool and cut into not too large, cheese rubbed on a grater.On a plate put the first coat with his cake and mayonnaise, chicken spread on top.Then stack the cake and then the next coat with sauce.This cake are eggs, the next - mushrooms and onions.If the stuffing cakes and left, the procedure can be repeated.Top the cake and coat with mayonnaise and sprinkle with cheese.It only remains to put the resulting cake in a hot oven for 10 minutes.

These snacks are good primarily because it is easy to prepare.In addition, an abundance of options for helping to make holiday table truly delicious and varied.