How to fry the meat in the pan?

What hostess wondered how to fry the meat in a frying pan!Like it seems so simple, but in fact it would be a piece of undercooked, on the contrary, overcooked and too rigid.How to find the middle ground and cook the meat so that it was delicious, soft and easy to cancel?Of course, the general recommendation to all kinds of meat no and the process is primarily dependent on the type of meat product.The most common pork, beef or chicken.

How to roast meat in the pan?Pork

Pork sliced, portioned identical pieces.Along each piece is made not too deep notches in which are placed spices, garlic and salt, depending on the recipe.Of course, you can do without this procedure, but in a way pork is perfectly impregnated with spices and becomes much tastier than if you just send the pieces to the pan.You can make cuts on one or both sides.

skillet with vegetable oil in advance to put on a big fire, after it glowing, put the sliced ​​pork.Fry on a large, but not at the maximum heat.Chunks regularly flip or stir if they are small.Lid cover is not necessary, otherwise the meat in a frying pan would be simply boiled, not fried.

specific cooking time can not be named, the fire may be different, and do pieces of meat every woman cuts of varying thickness.Estimated time of readiness 10 - 20 minutes.

Ready pork beautiful and happy zazharistoy (but not burnt) crust.In the process of cooking meat in any doubt, you need to try.Done and neperezharennoe bleeds, soft and juicy.

How to roast meat in a frying pan if it's beef

With this meat the most problems, as it is in itself hard.Cut into portions, each flavor seasoning and rub with salt.Before laying the better to discourage each piece to beef softer.Slugger carefully to the meat thickness to obtain a uniform.

If there frying meat in a pan, not in the oven, the fire should be small, and the pan is not covered with a lid.Meat should be regularly turn, but can not pierce it with a fork or knife, it is better to make a shovel, otherwise the juice will run out through the hole, and the beef is dry and nesochnoy.

Ready Beef can be found by using a thick needle.The piece is pierced at its thickest point.If the needle goes easily from piercing the juice runs clear, not bloody, the meat is ready.As to the time, the average beef ready after about 15 minutes.

And a little advice.After frying the beef is better to lie down minutes 15.

How to roast meat in a frying pan if it is chicken

chicken - the most consumed type of meat.It is tasty, healthy and quite undemanding during frying.But there is one drawback - it can get dry.

for frying chicken is better to choose nonstick pans, they contribute to a better formation of the crust.Chicken is divided into portions and washed after each piece is dried using napkins, rubbed with spices and salt.

Getting hot.In a frying pan poured a large amount of vegetable oil, will be when the pieces in a pan, it must reach at least up to their half.Hen put only in hot oil, you can cover the lid, oil and so contributes to the formation zazharistoy crust.It will only have to turn the pieces regularly.

dish is prepared about 40 minutes.From the bottom of the first 20 chicken fried on a slow fire, and after the remaining time of the fire adds to the level of average.

A word of advice: before cooking the chicken is better to pre-defrost, so it will taste better.