How to cook the dough for pies

good hostess always find something to surprise your family and friends.The easiest way to do it - bake pies.Warm pies will be a win-win option treats guests and loved ones.Not without reason in the old days it was said: not red hut corners and red pie.Therefore, any owner needs to learn how to cook the dough for pies.

To begin this process, organize your work area, free from unnecessary table ware and cook large cutting board.First, you need to prepare the yeast.In a cup pour 1 tablespoon dry yeast and pour warm water (half a cup), stir and add a teaspoon of sugar.Flour is better to take the premium, it must be pre-sifted.They do it not only for cleaning from possible impurities, but also to enrich it with oxygen.Sifted flour becomes much more elaborate, and it actively participates in the formation of enzymes in the fermentation process.Equally important is how to cook the dough for pies, flour, and temperature.If your stocks are stored in a cold room, you should hold the pre-meal at home, so she warmed.

sifted flour put in a deep dish, make an indentation and pour the yeast, which probably already trying to get out of the cup.This also knock out one egg, add two tablespoons of sugar and one tablespoon of salt, bring half a liter of water and stir thoroughly all.How to cook the dough for pies, if a family member suffers from an allergy to eggs?Do not add the egg is quite possible, just add a couple of spoonfuls of the dough tea leaves, it will give the dough the desired color.Stirring lead, including gradually increasing the amount of flour, which is in the bowl.When you have formed a homogeneous mass, add the dough vegetable oil - 2-3 tablespoons.Oil is introduced into the dough at least as it can encapsulate molecules of the flour, preventing them from swelling.

Readiness test can be determined by its consistency and properties that allow it to adhere to the walls of the hands and dishes.Well promeshannoe the dough does not stick to hands and can be easily separated from the walls of the cookware.What matters is how to make the dough for pies and that they will be fried or baked.If the dough is prepared for fried pies, then it should do less dense, it should be light and delicate, but baking in the oven better fit the dough more dense.If you fry the patties, then you should not pour the batter much oil will be enough one tablespoon.Now you can put the dough in a warm place, cover with a clean dish towel and leave to rise.

enable Active Yeast cakes start literally in half an hour, but it is better to stand the test, since in this period there is a process useful for the formation of enzymes.Knowing how to cook the dough for pies - is to know as quickly as possible to feed a family.While the dough is suitable, mix several types of fillings.Apples, cheese, egg and onion, boiled carrots or pluck.Very tasty cakes obtained with potatoes and cabbage.You can quickly shred the cabbage, lightly fry it in a pan, season with salt, pepper, add the boiled egg or knock raw.Options are a great multitude, and family and friends will appreciate your work.

approached dough can obmyat a couple more times, and only then proceed to the formation and the production of pies.Divide the dough into equal parts, 2-3 or 4, it will give you the opportunity to calculate the amount of baking and carefully use the space in the oven.How to cook the dough for pies, now you know, and it's time for the kitchen!