How to cook a delicious batter for pancakes?

Pancakes in Russia, certainly, appeared in pagan times.Their centuries bake Pancake Day and other holidays.Pancakes with honey start to wake for a deceased person.Damn, itself, represents the sun, the beginning of a new year and a new life.For children and adults pancakes - it is a real treat.But in order to bake them, need to be able to cook the dough for pancakes.

Secrets of cooking of Russian dishes passed down from generation to generation, from grandmother to mother, from mother to daughter.Each family has its own proprietary recipe of pancakes.And some families prefer thin lacy pancakes in the hole, the other - thick pancakes with yeast, and others - spring rolls.Tastes differ, but the beginning of everything is delicious dough for pancakes.Not knowing how to knead it properly, you are unlikely to surprise your loved ones with delicious pancakes.

Family recipe thin pancakes.

secret of how to cook the dough for pancakes I opened my mother when I was about 10 years.Since then, for over 25 years I cook this delicacy on my mother's recipe.My daughter and her husband just crazy about this feast.

Here's my recipe for making thin, rosy, sweet, lacy pancakes in which no yeast.

So, to cook the dough for pancakes in an amount of 10 units need to take:

  • 1 egg,
  • 3 tablespoons sugar,
  • a pinch of salt,
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil,
  • 150 - 180 g of warmbut not hot milk (I take a small little tea cup).

All these ingredients are put into a deep, a narrow basin and kneaded with a mixer for 2-3 minutes until smooth.Most importantly, how to mix the eggs and sugar.Previously, I kneaded the dough for pancakes spoon or whisk, but in my opinion, blender whips it much better, making lush and airy.

Once you have a smooth consistency, start adding the flour.I always do it on the eyes, but takes about 100-150 g.muki.Again, you need to thoroughly mix with a mixer.The dough for pancakes have to be without a single lump.Of course, not promeshannye lumps will not prevent you bake pancakes, but all their beauty, subtlety and delicacy immediately evaporate.It should get a thick homogeneous mixture of sour cream on the type of home.

Breeding test milk until desired consistency.

And only after that the dough for pancakes can be easily diluted, to make it liquid, that it spread over the pan.For dilution must take milk with warm water in a ratio of 1: 1.This will require somewhere 100-150g.such mixture.Some housewives batter diluted with water.I do not recommend it, as the pancakes are frying "cringe."Other diluted mixture of one milk.It is also better to avoid, because without the addition of water is bad flipped pancakes in a pan, stick.Pour the water into a dough with the milk and mix well with a mixer or a whisk until the liquid until you get a little bit thinner than yogurt or drinking yoghurt.That's it - a delicious pancake batter ready!

entire calculation presented here, placed on the 10 pancakes.Accordingly, if you need 20 pancakes, the number of products increased by 2 times.Well, if you cook pancakes at a wedding and you need 100 pancakes, take just 10 times more!

now remains only a good aluminum pan to warm up, brush once sunflower oil and begin to bake pancakes!Since cooking oil you have already added to the dough to grease surface of the pan before each pancake is not required.Just pour a small ladle portion of dough into the pan, tilt it in different directions and give the dough to spread.Fifteen to twenty seconds have passed - it is time to turn.If you did everything correctly, you manage to flip the pancake quickly and easily.Even 10-15 seconds, and delicious dish is ready!Bon Appetit!