Feeding a child 2 years

Every day your child is growing and gaining strength.For two years he already grows large enough so it can be a little diet reconsider.Moreover, the expansion of the menu of the diet contributes to the physiological development of the child.What should be the child's diet in 2 years?

By two years of the child all body systems are beginning to change.Improving not only the liver and the pancreas, stomach but also becomes larger.Baby teeth continue to grow up to three years.At this age, the child becomes stronger chewing muscles, so he will not necessarily grind and grind their food.Also at this age the child develop a certain taste preferences and feeding rhythm.So that in the future you will not have problems with nutrition a child at this age should clearly follow the diet of the baby.

Power child in 2 years still differs from what is eaten by adults.There are many foods that you should not give your baby is, because the digestive system is unable to cope with them.Therefore, in order not to hurt your baby, make the best menu for the child 2 years.

Kashi still remain the backbone of the power of the child in 2 years, but it is desirable to prepare not crumbly and sticky.To prepare porridge for the baby, it is recommended to take the liquid 3 times more than the cereals.A perfect complement to the porridges are pieces of fruit.If your child does not want to eat porridge, because it can make a casserole.

Note that casserole - a new product that can be administered in the diet of a child 2 years.So, you can make casseroles based not only on cereals, but also from a potato with the meat.In the latter case, meat casseroles are very popular with children.

Sometimes parents reduce the consumption of baby meat, arguing that the stomach kid can not cope with such food.In fact, meat is digested very well, and it contains animal proteins that can not be replaced by anything else.Even with milk and cheese in the body does not come all the child agent.At the age of 2 years, the child can be given to steam cutlets and meatballs.A little bit of cooked meat can now be cut into small pieces so that the child he chewed them.

diet of the child in 2 years still consists mainly of vegetables, which are his main source of all the essential minerals.At this age, you can make salads of vegetables, grated and dressed with sour cream.Salad herbs such as celery leaves, lettuce, dill and parsley can be added to the diet of a child in a small amount.By the way, a salad of vegetables or small fruit can be given to the child if he was hungry, and feeding time has not come yet.Vegetables and fruits provide a short-term saturation, so will not spoil your appetite.

All sorts of soups and borscht are also in the child's diet at 2 years.Soup is better to give 2-3 times a week, but the soup should be given more often, because it contains a lot of vegetables.But despite the fact that your child can eat soup or soup, cooking food for the baby will still have to separate.The fact that all kinds of herbs and spices that you can add to the food, do not go to the benefit of the child.For a child cook soup without adding tomato paste, pepper and bay leaf.Also note that the soup for the child should be brewed longer to vegetables become soft.By the way, you can cook soup in meat broth.

Grey, black and white bread, savory biscuits should definitely include in the diet of children.But all sorts of products from pastry, cakes and pastry should not be given.Various sweets such as marshmallows, jellies, candies, candy, jam can be given as a dessert.But too often the sweet child should not be given.You also can not give the baby chocolate, which can cause allergic reactions and overstimulation of the nervous system.

menu child in 2 years and is now part of the liver.It stimulates digestion and hematopoiesis.In addition, the liver is rich in various proteins, digestible.To prepare the child liver, it can be extinguished with vegetables.

Do not forget that the child's diet should not include fried, spicy, fatty and spicy dishes.With such a meal should wait until a later date.

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