Reporting to the Central Bank for real?

More and more people growing interest in the question of who is subject to the Central Bank.The time when people "eat" all the things that he served domestic political "cooks", and even more foreign professionals - sharp little fans.Now, most people want to understand what is happening to our country really is.It was not so long ago, we had to survive the disintegration of a great country and a lot of human pain.To avoid a repetition of this scenario happened again, you should not remain on the sidelines, and at least begin to understand the processes in the world and the correct response.

¬ęGive me the ability to print and control the money of the country, and I do not care who makes the laws" - once said Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

But really, who has the money, he is endowed with many more opportunities than one who does not.However, as the legendary Sergei Bodrov in the movie "Brother 2": "Who is true, he is stronger."And if we believe this, then it is necessary to pull the truth out.So, what role in the financial system of the world order is played central banks, in particular the Central Bank of Russia?On this and the article.

State Bank of the USSR and the Bank of Russia

The Soviet Union was the State Bank, which fulfills all orders of government.Its head is appointed and dismissed the Council of Ministers, which determines the required amount of money to the state.Thus, the Council of Ministers shall determine, and the State Bank has issued them.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992, functions of the State Bank moved to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.However, the functions are fairly "upgraded" thanks to Western "advisers."What is the difference between functions and how they affect the economic situation of the state?

fundamental difference between these two banks is their legal status.First, as a way out from the title, it is a public institution, but the Central Bank of Russia is not subject of the Russian Federation, as it is an independent legal entity (see Law on the Central Bank).Consequently, none of the branches of power does not affect the central bank, and does not control them.

national currency

It would seem logical that the national currency is more or less independent of the country is in the same state and the same belongs to him.And how could it be otherwise?It turns out, can.And not only can, but this is what happens at present in our world, including in Russia.The Russian currency - the ruble, is not owned by the state.How is this possible?It's very simple.

existing international organizations, where bankers, began its history the acquisition of wealth doing nothing in England for centuries nurtured the thought of their enrichment at the expense of the rest of the world.In XX century it was created by the IMF, in which steel and consistently implement the idea.

As a result, individual countries gold was kept somewhere in the warehouses of the organization, and thus gradually the national currency lost independence.Today the Central Bank can not print rubles as long as necessary to the state, and prints exactly as much, how many dollars it bought.That's why the ruble does not belong to Russia.

foreign reserves

most interesting and juicy - is that foreign reserves is not stored in Russia, except for a small part of it.In addition, the Central Bank may not invest in gold and foreign exchange reserve of the economy of their own country.He is banned.But the funds are used to buy US securities and lending to other states.

fairness it should be noted that other central banks have to lend to foreign countries.However, they are allowed to lend, including their own government to support the economy.But our central banks - can not.It is forbidden by law.Reporting to the Central Bank in such a case?Not your state, that's for sure.

Reporting to the Central Bank?

In 1944, at Bretton Woods, in the United States, a conference was held on the basis of which was organized by the International Monetary Fund.IMF - this is an organization who is subject to the Central Bank and the central banks of other countries now.

The Fund is administered by Member States, where decisions are taken by a majority vote of 85%.However, the weight of each country depends on their quotas.The biggest quota as a minimum balance (17.8%) belongs to, of course, the United States, which only can veto any objectionable them a question.What the United States successfully and do for the entire time of the fund.

¬ęnationalization of the ruble - a way to freedom of Russia" NVStarikov and amendments to the Law on the Central Bank EAFedorov

In the book "The nationalization of the ruble - Russian path to freedom," the author describes in detail who is subject to the Central Bank.2014 and 2015 on this issue made by its historical adjustments.

Along with raising the patriotic spirit among the Russians growing dissatisfaction of people in connection with the situation in the Central Bank.Nikolai Starikov, in his book still available in 2011 and describes in great detail the current financial system in the world.He offers as a solution to get out of the IMF and the subordinate legislation Central Bank of Russian state power.

deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov submitted to the State Duma in 2014, an amendment to the law on the Central Bank in which the bank offered to remove the dependence on the IMF.The amendment to the law was not adopted by the State Duma.For many people, it has caused misunderstanding and protest.

But those who obeys the CBR is unlikely to act in such a direct and open.After the so-called partners, we very much seasoned.

Quiet Revolution

the United States and the European Union live, as they say, beyond their means.In fact, they live in debt.At the same time, developing nations reduce their external debt and more able to influence the economy in the world and take a leading position in the IMF.We are talking primarily about Russia, China and India.These countries are now trying to reduce Washington's influence in the IMF, and to strengthen its.BRICS countries have united in order to reduce the harmful influence of the US.And systematically implement it.

US faced a choice: to give the IMF, so that would have to "merge" the Ukraine, to reduce the impact of foreign policy in the world and not to cash in on the next global financial crisis, and Russia, China and India will "merge" the IMF.

In 2015, contrary to the expectations of the liberals, the Russian currency has stabilized.

President instructs the Central Bank on the construction of power plants in the Crimea, which, as it seemed, he could not do.The Central Bank unexpectedly appeared currency commissioners to stop up the speculation in the currency market.Elvira Nabiullina said that the key rate of the Central Bank will now be focused not only on inflation, but also to exchange rate stability, support the economy.

Reporting to the Central Bank of Russia today?It seems that Russia is beginning to change things for the better for themselves aside.