How to remove super glue from your fingers - useful tips

At home, we often used super glue, which is ideal for the repair of household items.Using it, not everyone is able to keep from falling into the hands of a chemical that is hard on the skin torn off.However, there are a few proven ways that allow, without any problems resolve this trouble.


How to remove super glue from your fingers?Surprisingly, there is a special substance called "Anticlea" that comes to the aid of many people cautious.Buy a convenient tool for removing superglue from the skin can be in almost every hardware store.

Anticlea makes it possible not only to remove the remnants of the super-glue with it, but also to remove the substance from virtually any surface.It's enough to put the tool on a sponge and soak contaminated sites.After a short time the frozen super-glue traces liquefy and dissolve.


a great option for those who want to learn how to clean a super-glue with the skin, is to buy "Dimexidum."Are inclined to this option is recommended for those who could not find the special tools to remove the quick-drying substance.

usually takes a small amount of "Dimexidum" to bring the oldest spots of super glue.If you deal with the problem could not be immediately solved it in most cases helps reapplication funds.

Nail polish remover

effective, widely available method for removing super glue not only with hands, but also any other parts of the skin is to use a special liquid to clean the nail lacquer on the basis of acetone.

How to remove super glue from your skin by using nail polish remover?To do this, perform the following manipulations:

  • cause fluid glued areas of skin with a cotton swab;
  • necessary soak for a few minutes;
  • rinse with warm water and soap;
  • treat contaminated sites hand lotion;

Application detergents

How to remove glue from hands?Verified methods include the use of fairly benign chemicals, such as detergents.

main binder super glue acts tsiankrilat which tends to dissolve in the degreasing soap.To wash the contaminated skin should be dissolved in warm water and a small amount of dishwashing detergent to foam.Soiled hands should be kept in the solution for about 10 minutes.

If you are unable to completely clean the skin, in this case, not necessarily to look for other ways to remove super glue from your fingers.It is enough to re-perform the procedure and wait until the small remnants of superglue will not disappear with it naturally.

Removing super glue from fabrics

We often interested not only in how to remove super glue from your fingers, but also ways to remove the substance with a high-speed apparel.An effective method to eliminate it from the surface of the tissue acts heating iron contaminated sites or cooling them in the freezer.

When exposed to high or low temperatures cured, the material becomes brittle structure, which allows it to scrape off any remnants of a suitable solid object such as a knife blade, nail file, a pumice stone.

important to know

trying to find its own solution, how to remove super glue from your fingers, in any case, should not try to pull out the frozen material using a tooth.Even if all the options have been tried.First, the data process is inefficient.Secondly, there is a high probability of causing irreparable harm to their health.

adhesive harmful compounds are toxic to the human body.Moreover, they even life-threatening.There are enough sad examples when people find themselves in the hospital because of careless and inappropriate treatment with super-glue.In general, resorting to a particular method of removing super glue, you must first think about the possible consequences.