9 lessons that can be learned from the divorce

say, divorce is one of the most painful events in a woman's life.However, we recommend in this case, try not to dwell on their pain and emotions here and now and to think progressively - the divorce may be useful to you?What are you now change in their lives in a positive way?Is it possible to stay with her ex-husband at least normal relations (which is especially important if you have children)?

1. Do not blame each other.

Besides the fact that it is useless and meaningless, saying: "This is all your fault," you put yourself in the position of the victim.

2. Do not blame yourself.

As the relationship - the case of two, then everything that happens in them, including divorce, both are guilty, and in equal measure.

3. Ask for help to a psychologist.

This is important and it does not mean you're crazy.After you go to the doctor when something hurts, right?Here is the same.

4. Do not "squeeze out" a friendship with the former, if it is given with difficulty.

Instead, make an effort to alw

ays friendly to communicate with him.

5. Do not be afraid to cry.

cry - this is perfectly normal, not the "soul" of tears.On the contrary - psychologists believe that restrain emotions, "locking" them in, is harmful to health.

6. Dedicate time to yourself.

cry, take care of your own comfort: go on vacation, loans, shopping, Head pet ... In short, treat yourself to your favorite!

7. Try to forgive yourself and him.

Remember, this does not happen in a day or a month.You need time to heal and the pain subsided wounds.But be sure to come back to this idea when he felt that the ready.

8. Love yourself.

In marriage, we often forget about themselves in the literal and figurative sense of the word.Remember who you are than keen on what you want to achieve ... reinvent yourself and fall in love again!

9. Learn how to find advantages.

Start even with small things: but you do not have to wait for an hour in the morning to get in the shower or the toilet, no one leaves a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink or socks under the bed.So accept the situation for what it is, and then you will find the strength to safely move on!

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