Communicative speech quality

communicative qualities of speech - it is really the properties of its formal and content side.Among the properties of isolated precision, cleanliness, accuracy, consistency, expressiveness.The basic qualities of speech include the feasibility and wealth.

all of these characteristics are identified on the basis of the ratio of the different language structures.

For example, there is a wealth of speech based on the relationship of language and speech.This characteristic (wealth) results in the greatest possible saturation of the various non-recurring linguistic means in necessary for the implementation of conversational intentions degree.

lexical richness manifests the desire to use less words as possible, do not carry a special communicative intent.This is achieved in the case of writing or in large vocabulary speaker.

lexical wealth is a reflection and informative posts.

term "communicative qualities of speech" also include such property as logical.This feature is associated with the syntactic

organization, both text and speech.Consistency speech formed on the basis of verbal relations with thinking.In evaluating this property, it is important to see and hear the whole arises in the process of combining the words.This assessment is carried out of the whole within the whole text, not a single utterance.Consistency in the speech is present in the absence of semantic inconsistencies in the whole text.

Another feature that has great value in communicating is correct.It is formed on the basis of the ratio of speech and language.This characteristic reflects the matching of language structure rules accent, pronunciation, vocabulary, word formation, morphology, syntax and style.

communicative qualities of speech include such a thing as accuracy, arising on the basis of verbal relations with reality.Accuracy in communication can be both conceptual and substantive.In the first case we are talking about the presence of the speaker in the text of terms (concepts).Subject precision occurs in the designation of objects in real life conversation.

communicative qualities of speech presuppose the existence of such a nature as relevance.This property is required when creating messages that meet the conditions and objectives of the communication.The relevance of the speech is formed on the basis of the ratio of speech and communication conditions.This property (relevance) corresponds to the emotional and logical content, the subject, composition, readers or listeners, as well as aesthetic, educational, informational and other tasks speeches written or oral.Relevance divided into personal-psychological, situational, contextual and stylistic.

Communicative speech quality and include such characteristics as expediency.Under this concept implies the ratio of posts a situation in which the speaker's intentions are realized, given the characteristics of the recipient, the circumstances and the subject of the message.

Such speech quality, purity arises on the basis of the ratio of speech and language.Feature applied to the text, having no alien language literary elements, phrases and words.By means that would violate the purity of speech should include barbarisms, dialect, vulgar, slang, swear words and turns.To this list also include the words-parasites.Independently of these funds (the word-parasites) do not cause any judgment, however frequent, obsessive repetition of making them not related to the objectives of communication.