How to stop biting his nails?

The question is how to stop biting his nails, excites most people.It is not only unsightly towards others, but ugly.Moreover, the habit can cause failure of the interview, after biting his nails tend not only confident people.Besides, there is the risk of infection by different microorganisms from the environment due to the fact that the nails gnawing in most cases the person injures the skin.This habit relates to the manifestations of nervousness, and often people do not even notice what he was doing.Why bite your nails?It's pretty simple, people of all ages so that relieve stress or eliminate acute anxiety.This problem can be eliminated, it requires just a little effort.

The first and most basic rule for men and women - it is always to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the nails.Their is neatly trimmed, bitten obravnivat edge, remove the cuticle and using nail file to give them a nice shape.You can even napolirovat.It is recommended to go to a manicure, give hands a beautiful view.Group of people stop biting his nails because it is a pity to spoil their appearance, the effort and money.It is recommended to cover the surface of the nail varnish.It will also be an obstacle and will be able to eliminate the annoying habit.

How to stop biting his nails in times of unrest and experiences?All you need - is to learn to fully relax and calm down.Self-control over their feelings and emotions.When sudden tide of fear and anxiety, is to take his hands away and think about something good, to remember something pleasant in life.You can also repeat in your mind that everything will be fine.

most ridiculous, but sometimes the most effective means is blurring nail bitter drugs.This can be lacquer, cream, and even hot pepper.Pull your hands in your mouth, you no longer have an incentive to do it again.This method is most effective for children.In addition, if you are interested in deliberately, how to stop biting his nails, and make efforts to give up this habit, the taste of a bitter remind your goal and do not allow you to do so unsightly occupation.

Before you quit nail biting, you can pick up at least entertaining occupation for the hands.Maybe you fit beads or beads.Slowly turning over the ball behind the ball, it is possible not only to maintain the integrity of the nails, but also greatly relax.Some paint small figures in a notebook or fingering.It is recommended to wear a pocket a small piece of sanded wood.And with a strong desire to destroy their nails should start to stroke his fingers, polish.

It is very important before you stop biting his nails, just keep track of their habit.You should know the most likely situation where you start this lesson.The knowledge will not only help to avoid critical situations, but also give an opportunity to clearly control myself.At first, this may seem a rather difficult task, but eventually you just forget about that once chewed nails.Also, when the hands are drawn to the mouth, is the pinch.This will develop a pain reflex and body self-abandon habits.

to the very size of the group of people who bite their nails, are children.They do this unconsciously, and sometimes eliminate the habit can only eliminate the cause.Most often the root cause of this phenomenon may be a problem in the school, especially with teachers and classmates.The solution will eliminate the habit.

from any unwanted classes can be waived for a large endeavor.The strength of the will of man can work wonders.Combining a great desire with a certain force, the result will be positive, you are guaranteed.