What should be an effective program for the press?

complexity, which is designed for the press program, the number and frequency of the approach depends on your ultimate goal.Relief cubes media professional athlete require enormous labor, while the muscles to tone and shape can be greatly improved in a relatively short period of time.

Physiology, abdominals

Whatever the program for the press, it should include exercises for all muscle groups of the abdomen.There are several groups:

  • muscles of the side walls.
  • muscles of the front wall.
  • muscles of the back wall.

As you can see, this is a large system consisting of powerful muscles that you will not be overworked.Conversely, being in shape, they are ideal for the protection of internal organs, prevent lowering them, support the spine and reduce the load on it, forming a correct posture.In general, acts as a natural corset.

Working with each muscle group

All of us have heard the terms "upper" and "lower" press.In fact, it is a single rectus.Every part of it is able to fall individually, and therefore it is pumped through a variety of exercises.It is the muscle of the sternum to the pelvis, and to work on it depends on the appearance of relief and cubes.

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rectus responsible for cross-flexing hull.Therefore, the basic exercises - a twisting of the lumbar spine.Raising the upper or lower part of the body, you are pumped muscles of different departments.

narrow waist and the lack of fat build-up on the sides - is the ultimate dream of all women, which means that the program for the press should include exercises on the external oblique muscle.It is responsible for rotation in the housing side, carrying heavy loads and maintain the body in an upright position.The slopes from side to side, especially with weights, very good work here.

transverse muscle surrounds and compresses the waist.Located deeper than others, it is the function of a corset, reducing the waist as her study.It strengthens and supports its function, which means that pain will be felt less.This strong arm is positioned vertically and if all worked out exercises on the press.

Exercise Program for the press should include comprehensive training for all muscle groups, but do not forget about healthy eating.Even very heavy loads will not give the desired effect of slender waist and flat stomach, if not to limit the consumption of sweets, fatty and fried foods.

program for rocking the press includes only four basic exercises:

  • Lie on your back, arms at the castle on his neck, legs bent at the knees.On the inhale slowly tear the body off the floor, exhale omitted.It is important not to take your lower back off the floor.Want to upper abdomen looked amazing - do the exercise at least 50 times.
  • now focus on the problem side.In order to work the obliques, follow the previous exercise, but now drag an elbow to the opposite knee.Follow thirty times.
  • still lying on his back, straighten your lower limbs and place your hands along the body.Raise the legs to the maximum possible height in the breath, and exhale slowly return them to the place.This exercise helps to remove belly droops.Perform at least 12 times.
  • complex exercise that helps strengthen all muscle groups of the press.Lying on your back, take your hands behind your head and bend your knees.At the same time lift the legs and upper body.Slowly pull the head to the feet.Run 25 times.

Features of the program is designed for pumping media for continuous operation.But a month later will see the results.Pay attention to the need to perform each exercise in three sets.The first exercise 50 * 3 at intervals of a few seconds, the second - 30 * 3, a third - 12 * 3, the last - 25 * 3.As you can see, the execution will take more than 10 minutes, but the results are worth it.

Another point: do not need to run the program on a daily basis.Do the muscles will not be able to recover, which means that the load will be redistributed among the others.The ideal option - it is a class every other day.

Pay special attention to the thoroughness of each exercise.Movement should be smooth, without jerks, follow the rhythm of breathing.

Who should these exercises

This program press for women is as relevant as it is for men.Beginners may be difficult to execute it immediately, then start with a smaller load.Do each exercise as many times as you can in the strength of the result is still the same two approaches.Next, add each new exercise for 5 times.Fairly quickly you will be able to completely fulfill all.

If your goal - muscle relief and beautiful dice on his stomach, then this load will be small.


beautiful news - this is not a distant dream, but a reality accessible, but it is necessary to break away from the couch and start working.The results were not long in coming.A month later your silhouette change much.