Where and how much we are willing to travel for work?

People are ready for a great mobility in finding a good job.This is the main conclusion of a global study conducted by the largest recruitment company Kelly Services throughout the world in 2008.
In the expanded survey polled more than 115 000 people in 33 countries in Europe, Asia, the Pacific, North and South America.

The globalization of labor worldwide made evident the fact that in order to find a good job or move up the career ladder, people increasingly have to move from their homes to other cities and countries.Faced with a shortage of skilled labor, employers, it is important to determine which workers are ready to move to new places, and what are the main obstacles to moving.
How far the staff will be ready to go to work every day?If you can not find workers in the region, whether it is possible to hire staff from another city?Will the best workers are ready to move to a new place?What are the chances to attract workers from another country?

study by Kelly Services, gives employers an optim

istic answer: in search of a good work, people are ready for a great mobility.Many are ready to move to other cities and even countries.
Here are the basic data of the survey ...

time on the way to work (one way)
more than two thirds of respondents are willing to spend a day on the road no more than 45 minutes
22% - no more than 60 minutes
12%- more than 60 minutes

willingness to move
57% of respondents would ideally like to stay and live and work until his retirement in the place where they live in the moment;
43% would like to move to another location.

Past travel related to work
more than a third of respondents previously moved to work in another city;
21% previously moved to work in another country;
15% previously moved to work in the country whose language they did not speak freely.

willingness to move work-related
almost three quarters of respondents would consider moving to another city;
more than half (59%) - in another country;
more than 40% - in a country whose language they did not speak freely.

Major factors that may be an obstacle when considering a job offer in another country (in descending order of importance)
family - 62%, the language barrier - 37%, the education of children in school - 22% own property - 20%tax difficulties - 12%, the pension / pension fund contributions - 10%

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