Who owns the Savings Bank of Russia?

history of the country's largest bank - Sberbank - has about 170 years.The leader of the Russian banking system has been the receiver of the Savings banks, the history of which goes to the foundation in 1841.Stable operation of financial institutions guaranteed by the State, since it was he owns a controlling stake in the face of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

broad scope of activities

Sberbank of Russia is a unique financial institution that offers its services throughout the country.Branches of the bank are located not only in almost every city of the state, but also to successfully operate in the CIS countries, Germany, Switzerland, China, Turkey and India.The range of financial services is very wide, which can be attributed to the establishment of universal category.The partnership provides a variety of traditional deposits and loans, credit cards and money transfers, insurance, and even brokerage.Even in 2013, the share of financial companies cling about 43.3% of all deposits.Wit

h regard to the volume of the loan portfolio of the state, then it had 32.7% and 32.1% (loans to individuals and legal entities).Citizens are willing to cooperate with the company and did not even think about the question of whether the Russian bank Sberbank is.

Innovations in financial institutions

Savings Bank has always tried to keep up with the times by improving the quality of customer service, and trying to offer them innovative products.The financial institution is well tried, by providing its customers with the ability to remotely manage their accounts.Due to the remote channels such as online banking "Savings line" and SMS-service "Mobile Banking", allocate their resources and control financial flows has become much easier.It Sberbank owns the largest network of ATMs and terminals throughout the country.The active participation of institutions in the various social programs that promote the development of national science and culture.For the majority simply does not matter who owns the Savings Bank of Russia, as its management and owners of the great cope with all tasks.

Monopoly or the result of regular forces?

Sberbank belongs to the category of commercial financial institutions, and is also the largest bank in Russia.According to the latest studies, the establishment is well-deserved status as the most sought-after and reliable financial institution of the Russian Federation.According to statistics, every second investor country - it is the client institution.Likewise, the situation with the loans.More than 30% of loans in the state was formalized by the Russian Security Council.To say that the bank is acting as a monopolist, is incorrect.The history of the financial institution in the coming decades will reach the mark of 200 years.Equity Institute is about 1.6 trillion rubles.Considering the question of who owns the Savings Bank of Russia, we can say that he does not have a single owner, moreover, to purchase shares of the large financial institutions can practically everyone person.

Who speaks in the name of the owner of the bank?

main owner of the financial institution, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, in fact, the domestic government.Its share in the framework of the authorized capital of the bank is 50%, but plus one voting share.If we estimate the percentage of ownership of the voting shares, it will amount to 52.32%.Less than half of the shares owned by 270 thousands of different individuals.One tenth of the shares is owned by private individuals.A quarter of the shares of a financial institution is owned by foreign investors.Say for sure who the owner of the Savings Bank of Russia, is very problematic, because the institute regularly shares traded on MICEX and RTS since 1996.In the first quarter of 2007, the bank's management made a decision on additional issue of securities auction, which allowed to increase the authorized capital of the company by 12%.In monetary terms, this figure corresponds to 230 billion rubles.It may be noted that about 40% of all operations in the framework of the MICEX are directly related to the shares of the country's largest financial institution.Why

difficult to answer the question about who is the owner of the Savings Bank?

Due to the fact that less than half of Sberbank shares are in free float, is very problematic significantly to name its owners.This information may be provided to the employees of the financial institution, and then only in a situation, if the interests of the person and the information itself intends to buy shares of the organization.The list of those who owned Sberbank of Russia, to systematically change also for the reason that the purchase of shares in the latter, in most cases, carried out for the purpose of earning.This leads to a constant change of holders.Today, the strategic and operational management of the institute carried out simultaneously three authority: The shareholders' meeting, the Supervisory Board and the Management Board.Chairman of the board belong to German Gref.

What says the federal law?

In as at 1 November 2014 the Central Bank of the Russian Federation owns 52.32% of the voting shares of Sberbank.If the detail to consider who owns the Central Bank of Russia, we can note "custody" of the state of the Savings Bank.In a public appeal today is about 47.68% of the shares.In accordance with Federal Law No. 86, the reduction or exclusion CBR stake in the authorized capital of Sberbank, which would reduce the stake to less than 50% plus one voting share may be exercised only on the basis of federal law.It allowed reducing the share of Bank of Russia in the authorized capital, which does not lead to a reduction in the number of shares to less than 50% plus one voting share.This decision may be taken only after a preliminary agreement with the Government of Russia.

first change the equity

until a decision regarding the sale of the shares of Sberbank of Russia in 2012, the Central Bank had owned about 60.25%.The public circulation were only 39.75% of the shares.Despite the change in the percentage of owners of a financial institution, to respond accurately and clearly to the question of who owns the Savings Bank of Russia, is problematic.You can say that the important decisions are made and taken by the State, represented by the Central Bank.The rest of the shares is not aimed at the division of property rights, it serves to increase the profitability of a financial institution.

How to Buy Sberbank?

Shareholders of Sberbank of Russia, as mentioned above, buying a stake in the ownership of the country's largest financial institution since 2006 on domestic stock exchanges MICEX and RTS.Today, trading in securities is conducted on the Moscow Stock Exchange and on the London stock exchange trading floor.The shareholder can be apply to any bank branch, which is located in the region of residence.Registration of ownership rights is carried out by a document asserting identity of the citizen of Russia.When buying shares on the stock exchange should be aware that their value can change dramatically, not only for a few days, numerous changes in price can be fixed within a day.In considering the question of who owns the shares of Sberbank of Russia, we can talk about the numerous number of persons, a list of which is constantly changing.People view the action not as the ownership of the country's largest financial institution, but more as a trading tool, by buying and selling where you can have a stable income.