How to paint a wooden floor in the house: a paint?

tree for hundreds of years has been one of the basic building materials.In a wooden house creates a special atmosphere, because wood - virtually the only material able to "breathe" and to disinfect the air and maintain a favorable level of humidity.

That is why the finish of the house is made of environmentally friendly materials.Sex it in most cases, also wooden.Naturally, the question arises, what color the floor in a wooden house, that they not only have a beautiful appearance, but also the most retained their natural qualities.

feature decorative covering wooden floor

wood in the interior always creates a special comfort, which refers primarily to the floor, whether the board or parquet floor.In addition, this floor is characterized by reliability, durability, excellent thermal insulation and anti-static.

But on the other hand, wood flooring, because of its natural properties, has a number of drawbacks.It is a low moisture resistance, flammability, susceptibility to decay and soft structure, due to which the coating wears away during operation, it gets scratched and dented, and under the influence of humidity and temperature changes deformed wood.

Virtually all floors, regardless of the type of wood, have these disadvantages, and, therefore, to determine what color the floor in a wooden house, it is necessary to think about how to choose a coating that protects them, and more.

Today for high-quality wood floor finishing, protection against external influences and increase its longevity, there are several types of coatings.It is clear - varnishes, oils and waxes, as well as opaque - paints and enamels.

choosing coverage, you should know that wood has a different degree of softness, and deciding what is best to paint the wooden floor in the house, it is necessary to stop it on the fact that the most suitable for its characteristics.

The paint

Modern lacquers protect the wooden floor from mold, fungi, insects, give the surface shine and natural texture spectacular show.

Lucky, which are based on polyurethane or organic solvents, emphasize the natural color of the wood, dries quickly and gaining the necessary strength, but over time the wood can darken and acquire a yellowish tint.

Water-dispersion paints, though great show and maintain the natural color of wood, generally not subject to change its appearance for long term use.But they are dry for much longer, and gaining strength not earlier than 10 days.

deciding what color the floor in a wooden house, you should know that the varnish does not apply in cases where the floor board was impregnated with linseed oil or other compounds that contain oil.Also, they are not recommended to cover the floor in rooms with high humidity, and outside the home - a porch, terraces and verandas.


Modern oil formulations for flooring contains natural oils (linseed, soya) and synthetic polymers, which makes it possible to preserve the wood well, increasing its durability.

With oils you can both save the natural color of the wood and give it a variety of shades.Depending on the color scheme of the interior is defined and how the color to paint the floor of the wooden house.So, with the help of oil can make a floor of white and even black.Giving it a yellowish, reddish, beige color, until deep brown.

Compared with nail oil, penetrating through the pores of the wood, it permeates deep enough.While the protective film is very thin, the floor covered with oil, it is wear-resistant and durable, without losing its natural form.

But this cover is not suitable for floors in rooms where there are increased humidity and temperature changes, as well as the finishing flooring are in the regeneration of the system "warm floor".

wax coating

base composition of floor wax - beeswax and linseed oil.The coated floors it is not only perfectly preserve the natural color and texture of wood, but also acquire a silky-matt surface with a golden shimmer.

But deciding what color the floor in a wooden house, it should be noted that differing moisture resistance, these floors are not resistant to abrasion and mechanical stress.In addition, they require constant care, which is expensive.Therefore, in a residential area the wax is applied to the floor covering is quite rare.

Paints for wood floor

addition to the above transparent coatings are widely used and opaque.It paints that, completely covering the surface of the wood, hide it and give it the texture of any color.

to determine which paint to paint the wooden floor in the house, be aware that their range is large enough, and each type has certain properties.

It can be enamel - oil, alkyd, and nitrocellulose Nitrocellulose and paints - acrylic, water-dispersible and latex.

enamels have a great range of colors, and after complete drying of the coating and the surface of the floor to form a solid film (glossy or matte), thanks to which it becomes resistant to moisture and temperature extremes.But enamel dries depending on the species sufficiently long time, up to 36 hours.

As for all kinds of colors, then they are very widely used because they create wear-resistant coating, and color palette includes 2,000 colors.

new wooden floor

new floor that has never been painted and does not require advance preparation and purification of the old coating.Here is where to turn fantasy.When deciding what to paint a new wooden floor in the house, it should build on their tastes and interior features.

If you want to recreate the atmosphere of a wooden house and preserve the color and texture of the wood, preference should be given to transparent coatings.

If interior design implies a certain color of the floor, you can choose a tint paints or opaque coatings.