How to make coffee in Turku

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A lot of people are used to drink coffee in the morning, so do not represent their revival without this aromatic beverage provides energy for the whole day.Today, coffee is an attribute of a business person, because there is always at business negotiations, in other matters, as in any informal meetings.

can be argued that this drink has a soul, and therefore need to prepare it so that it be retained.That is why the question often arises about how to make coffee in the Turk that he was flavorful and left a lasting impression.

should be pointed out that the main feature here is that the grounds remains in the drink, it contributes to the conservation of all substances contained in coffee.

So consider a few tips on how to properly prepare the coffee in Turku.

Firstly, when buying, you need to pay attention to the way of grinding, it should strictly fit the method of cooking.Second, water is often taken only cold not boiled, it is best suitable ice.At the bottom of the Turks is put a drink at the rate of one teaspoon per cup, as well as sugar and spice and everything is warmed up (here you need to make sure that the coffee is not burnt).As the heat begins to form foam, it is recommended to remove and shift into the cup.Ready drink is defined as: when it will rise, it is necessary to remove from the heat, because it is not recommended to boil.Poured into a preheated coffee cup, with the surface of the foam must cover a light color.

Here are a few recipes for flavored beverage with the account of how to brew coffee in Turku.

1.Kofe mocha.

To prepare this drink take one teaspoon of coffee and sugar to taste.It should be noted that it may be produced in several ways:

a) Turk boiled water poured into it sugar and coffee are well heated, but not heated, is then removed from the heat, and then again heated so three times.

b) of coffee mixed with sugar in Turku, fill with cold water and leave for a few minutes, then put on fire and heated until foaming, then it is removed and immediately put back to cook again.

Serve the finished drink in the pot, placed on a large plate with small cups and glasses of cold water.

2. How to make coffee with milk.

To do this, five tablespoons of coffee to pour into a glass of boiling water and stir well, and when it boils, pour a glass of milk and bring to a boil.Ready coffee served with sugar.

3. Coffee-Indian.

ten spoons of coffee pour four cups of boiling water and leave for five minutes, after which it is necessary to pour into cups, each of which put two tablespoons of sugar, a carnation, grated lemon peel and a small amount of rum.

Thus, we have learned how to brew coffee in Turku.But in order to get a different taste of the drink, it is possible to add different herbs or spices, such as cinnamon or honey.Also, quite often it adds cloves, ginger and even salt or garlic.Anyway, do not be afraid to experiment.

In summarizing, once again I would like to recall a few simple tips for preparing a beverage with a delicate aroma.

So, to know how to make coffee in Turku, you must take a glass of water two tablespoons of coffee.In addition, it must be consumed immediately after cooking because it can not be heated - it will lose its flavor.If the grains have lost their flavor, they can be put on ten minutes in water, followed by drying in an oven.

easiest way to brew coffee: you need to pour boiling water and pour the Turk in her coffee, then add the water and cook without boiling.Then Turk is necessary to remove from the heat and let stand for a few minutes, and only then pour into cups.