How to use bonuses "Sportmaster" ?Savings Club card "Sportmaster" : bonuses for each purchase

The network of shops "Sportmaster" operates a unique club program.Each client has every chance to shop for a specialized club card, which helps in the accumulation of bonuses.To get enough cards to make a purchase online sports shops in the amount of 15 thousand rubles.

Types cards

Before using bonuses "Sportmaster", you need to get your hands on one of the cards online shopping.Depending on the amount by which the purchase is carried out, the customer can get a regular map, silver and gold.

  • Standard card - the amount of the purchase of up to 15 thousand rubles.
  • Silver card - the amount of purchase must be from 15 thousand to 150.
  • Gold Card - the amount of the purchase of more than 150 thousand rubles.

When making purchases in the shops on the card will be accrued bonuses.Each bonus is equal to 1 ruble.Shops "Sportmaster" bonuses on the map provided for the payment of future purchases.In accordance with the program of discounts with the help of bonuses can be paid up to 30% of the value of the goods.The action applies to all stores except offices called "Sportmaster-discount".

Specificity of bonuses

Before using bonuses "Sportmaster", they need to accumulate previously.Earning last performed in parallel with each spent one thousand rubles.The size of accrued points will depend on the type of card.

  • Plain card - for each spent 1,000 rubles on the account will be credited with the bonus of 50 rubles.
  • Silver card - per thousand is charged 75 rubles.
  • Gold Card - per thousand is charged 100 rubles.

Annually March first store carries a full reset of bonus accounts.This operation does not apply to cards that were issued in January and February of this year.Cardholders have access to special promotions and offers unique shops.Provided access to specialized services and service.The list of possibilities opening up in front of customers is determined by the type of the card.

Additional privileges for owners of club cards

Before using bonuses "Sportmaster" and have to pay up to 30% of purchase, you should pay attention to the additional proposals from the largest network of sports shops.Owners standard cards blue open access to individual special offers.This is not only an opportunity to earn points, but the 20% discount on a wide range of sports equipment, apparel and accessories.Silver cardholders can take advantage of the offer shop and book their favorite items for up to 3 days.Services available at a discount of 50%.The owners of gold cards fall into the category of privileged customers.They have access to proposals for owners of standard and silver cards.You can add a discount greater than 50%, on a number of goods, free shipping bulky goods and access to mobile club card.

Club cards Domestic

Club cards chain stores "Sportmaster" is available not only to residents of Russia, but also the citizens of Ukraine.To participate in the program is sufficient to obtain a club card.It is issued to each buyer the store, who made a purchase in the amount of not less than 200 hryvnia, and will operate throughout the country.The club card is not handed out for free.It is enough to fill out a special application form and in parallel to make a purchase on that amount.Alternatively, you can provide a cumulative discount card.Bonuses from it will be transferred to the new one.Participants of the campaign may be buyers, both in cash and generating payment by credit card.

Additional benefits for customers from Ukraine

program privileges for residents of Ukraine is similar to that available to Russian citizens.Each client gets his hands on one of the cards, which will correspond to the purchase price.When you purchase goods in excess of the limit on the standard map, it carried out its replacement with silver.With further increase in the amount of funds which made the purchase, the customer gets access to the Gold Card.It determines the size of the discount on a wide range of products, it suggests privileged access to the services of the network of shops "Sportmaster".Check the bonus map can be either through an SMS service, the official website of the store or directly at the cash register in any of the stores.

Conditions of participation in the program

dealing with the question of how to use bonuses "Sportmaster", pay attention to the specific use of the cards.In case of loss of the latter may be issued its new counterpart.Mandatory condition - is the provision of documents that could confirm the identity of the owner of the auction product.It allowed the presentation of a passport and driver's license.Welcomes the existence of a check, proof of purchase in the store and is the basis for previously accrued bonus points.If you lose the card, it is blocked.All accumulated points are transferred to a new plastic.If the data specified in the application does not meet information from the document bearer, a club card is not restored.Auction product - is the property of the network of shops "Sportmaster".Promotions, bonuses and special offers designed just for regular customers, cardholders.

Additional accrual

contact the store "Sportmaster", you can check out the bonuses in a few minutes.Please note that the accumulation of points is carried out not only when buying goods for cash, excluding bonus points, but under certain circumstances.The program practiced by charging extra bonuses.On the day of birth of the cardholder on his account lies 300 bonus.There is a charge of welcome bonus in the amount of 200 units.Additional points can be earned when you send a text message with the card number to the number 9753. The size of charges of 200 units.Each client network, "Sportmaster" check bonuses on the map may at any time.

Special partnership conditions

Owner Club card can not be younger than 18 years.Learn bonuses "Sportmaster" is possible in any store and on the official website.Manual chain stores reserves the full right to unilaterally change the terms of the partnership.Despite the fact that bonuses are classified as short-term, there are situations when they accrue to the card may take at least 3 months.The program provides mobile version of the plastic.The prototype is available for download on the official website of the network of shops "Sportmaster".Check bonuses map mobile type can in the same way as for the standard.The product is adapted for accumulation and spending points.To activate the product to send a short message with the text "K" to the number 9753. You can specify the number of bonuses through help desk call 777-777-1 or by sending a request through a text message with the card number to the number 9753. The request can be sent onlya number that has been specified in the registration card in the questionnaire.

subtleties and nuances that deserve attention

Despite the attractiveness of the program, there are several important points that you should pay attention.Under the terms of shares, accrued bonuses is carried out only for the purchase of more than 1,000 rubles, or more than 200 hryvnia.If before this limit is missing a few rubles or hryvnia, charges are not made.Subsequent purchases will not be compared with previous and charging points will have no effect.The total cost could be based only on the card for a higher rank.Visit the shop "Sportmaster", check out the bonuses will not be difficult, in fact, like to make a purchase with them.On the other hand, if the purchase is returned back to the store, subject to certain conditions on hand will be returned to the buyer only paid for goods money.Bonuses will not be returned to the account, they are burned.We draw attention to the fact that the action does not apply to discounted products available in the shop "Sportmaster".What bonuses accrued after purchasing items at a lower price, it is not necessary to check.The program will be in effect until January 1, 2016.Sharing accumulated bonuses for cash is not provided.