How to fill up "WebMoney" in terminal: User

Electronic money today is in every third inhabitant of our planet.After all, they facilitate the process of shopping at online stores, and even serve as payment for remote workers.In this article you'll learn about the electronic payment system "WebMoney" and on how to fill up the purse through the terminal.

What is "WebMoney"?

payment system that allows you to transfer money over the Internet is called the "WebMoney".It was created in 1998 to facilitate the commission of financial operations.The popularity of the system began to rapidly gain momentum.So today, almost every user on the network has its own wallet to pay bills, purchases and loan repayments.Moreover, many freelancers are paid electronically currency.

But how to open a personal account and replenish the purse "WebMoney" through the terminal?Everything in order.

How to open an account "WebMoney"?

To register in the electronic payment system will need access to the Internet, mobile phone and scan the passport of a citizen of the Ru

ssian Federation.The official website of "WebMoney" is required to fill a simple form with your personal data.After that, the mobile phone number will receive an SMS message with the code verification account.Subsequently, each payment will be confirmed in the same manner.

However, the registration process is not enough to answer the question of how to replenish the "WebMoney" terminal.You will need to identify the user, which is very easy to pass.Just download your account scan passports and wait for administrator approval.Only then are all available features of the system, as the account be assigned a formal certificate.If you do not have this status, it is possible to commit only domestic payments.Therefore, refill without identification can be considered meaningless.

How to fill up "WebMoney" through the terminal?

So you signed up for e-payment system.But immediately the question arises about how to update your account "WebMoney" terminal.After all, the purchase will require money.

Today every major metropolis, and even a small provincial town has special terminals.With their help, people often fill up by mobile phone and pay for utilities.However, not everyone knows that through these terminals can transfer money to the account and "WebMoney".

Simply select in terminal settings to "electronic money".Then you want to find the button that says "WebMoney".The terminal will prompt you for a number of WMR-purse or WMID (login to enter the payment system) and a mobile phone number that is bound to a personal account.After entering data, you can deposit any amount from 100 to 5000 rubles.Limit of making money will depend on the certificate system.As a rule, a formal certificate involves no more than 15 thousand rubles a day.While capable of processing the personal 100 thousand rubles.But for the latter required a long procedure of registration in the office of "WebMoney".

Remember that the terminals do not take iron coins.Therefore, make sure that there bills.In addition, the Commission should take into account the owner of the terminal, which can be up to 3%.Contributed money should come to the WMR-purse during the day.If not, you should contact technical support "WebMoney".

What to do if the terminal does not issue the check?

Unfortunately, not all terminals in our country maintained in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.And often they do not print the check, which is a confirmation of payment.However, after making money in the screen displays the electronic version of the receipt with the data on the payer.To the future had the opportunity to prove the fact of making money, you need to take a picture of the screen of the terminal.The picture will be evidence in the case, if the money has not arrived in your account after the stated time.

Other ways to replenish the "WebMoney"

great advantage of the electronic payment system is easy to deposit money in different ways.Therefore, before to wonder about how to fill up "WebMoney" through the terminal, examine all other possibilities:

  • transfer from a bank card or account;
  • translation from another payment system (Qiwi, PayPal);
  • Funding Services through "WebMoney".

Each of these methods has its own rate of interest (from 1 to 5%).Therefore, it is important to find one that is right for you.Typically, the transfers from bank accounts and other payment systems implemented within one hour.Therefore, most people give their preference to these processes.While the question of how to replenish the "WebMoney" through the terminal, is relevant only for emergencies.According to statistics, this method uses the smallest number of users.

Payment "WebMoney" in terminal

Most online stores accept payment in the form of e-currency.Therefore, in this case, the relevant question is how to pay for "WebMoney" terminal.It should be noted that this action will not differ from the deposit funds to your personal account.After all, in both the first and second cases do not require a password or any identification number.Just know WMR-purse seller.Do not forget to print out a check, which is obliged to issue any terminal, regardless of whether it is located in a major shopping center or a roadside shop.Otherwise it will be difficult to prove that the payment of money to the account.