Why are we - "Zolotko," and a few interesting differences between women from men

savory addition, there are no less interesting differences between women from men ...

Leather women thinner and drier.

Due to the special structure of the connective tissue, as well as the female hormone progesterone skin is stretched quickly.For men, she is more elastic.

Women have smaller hearts and therefore beats faster.

If men it makes an average of 72 beats per minute, the women - 90. The walls of the left chamber of the heart in women thinner and more flexible than men.Why high blood pressure is less dangerous for them.

roots of hair in women sit in the scalp to two millimeters deeper than in men.

and therefore fall less intensively.

Weight brain male by nearly 14%.

But on the other hand, the cerebral hemispheres are connected women twice as strong nerves.Therefore, the thought process is faster in women.

Residents of Europe live on average 6 years longer than men.

The reason probably lies in the fact that women in hormonal against fast emerging from stress, eat less fatty foods, much less smoke, and the percentage of alcoholics among them below.

liquid content in the body of women is about 50-60%, while for men the figure is 60-70%.

in men drawn an average of 4.5 liters of blood, and for women - 3.6 liters.

strokes and heart attacks in men occur more frequently and more because the blood they are much thicker than that of women.

According to laboratory tests, each drop of blood contains men per million of blood cells greater than that of women.

Alcohol causes much greater harm to women than to men.

partly because of their lower weight, and partly because they lack the characteristic digestive enzyme that neutralizes alcohol.The result is that the same amount of alcohol has on women is almost 30% greater impact.

Women are less aggressive than men.

This is due to the hormone testosterone, which is produced in the male body is 10 times higher than in women.

Failures in love men experience easier.

To get rid of painful memories, they need only 3 months, whereas women can miss about someone 15 months.

daily men need 700 more calories.

As their metabolism is faster and the body temperature is generally higher.

in a woman's body contains 6 times more gold.

why men and have to say: "You are our golden" :)

Articles Source: yurov.com fresher.ru