Summary cook: simple rules for drawing

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in catering competition is one of the biggest in the labor market.In order to find a job as a cook with decent conditions have to try.As a rule, a professional development workshop say their culinary specialties.But how to interest a potential employer to full-time meeting?In order for the case to her still realized must be properly present their skills.To do this, we learn to correctly describe the working career.So create resume Cook?Try to understand.

summary - the first step in finding a job

Unlike most office workers - managers, secretaries, administrators, bankers, IT specialists - representatives of a rather creative field, like cooking, often do not have the skills of self-presentation.The answer to the question of why it happened, in our view, is obvious.A man capable of the most difficult to prepare a French dessert, do not consider it necessary to prove their skill with words.And requirements to resume Cook not imposed the most stringent.For the employer, a much greater role played by the recommendations from the last places, as well as case study and a trial period in the real world.

rules binding

Still not resume Cook estimate at the initial stage is difficult.So we tell you about the simple rules that will be useful to everyone.The document must be:

- short and concise;

- containing sensitive data and does not contain irrelevant information;

- structured;

- literate.

In addition, a summary of the cook should include:

- the name of the desired position;

- specify the desired level of wages;

- general information (name, sex, age, location, contacts, etc.);

- level of education with a list of names of institutions obtained the qualifications and achievements, if any;

- previous place of work (you can describe the cuisine, which worked);

- description of professional achievements (management skills team signature dish, the presence of the author's menu).

final field usually contains a summary in the form of free information about the personal qualities of the applicant.It also can specify everything that is not included in the basic building blocks, but what you think is important to mention.For example, their willingness / unwillingness to move, preferences for different jobs (for example, you are considering the institution is not below a certain level), and more.In short, to mention all the comments and additions.Keep in mind that all the logical inconsistencies that occur in the written, it will be necessary to explain to the stage of interviews.In that case, if your goal - working as a cook for the boundary, the summary be translated at least into English and even better to duplicate the native language of the country in which the plan considered job.Now, after reading this simple instructions safely proceed to action.Good luck in finding!