"Random" - what it is and what it "eat"?

development of any social culture inevitably leads to the fact that there appears own slang, and as a result, loan words.It is in this way, and the concept of "random".What it is?It is not nothing but a vulgar and illiterate reading of foreign words.


Let's look at this term.Derived from the English "random" - random, arbitrary, made at random, the concept of "random", what is it?First of all, this designation is used in the slang of Russian gamers to refer to random events in online games.In addition, such a word can be found at programmers, and just in everyday life.If a person closely associated with computers, then it will become a habit to use the term instead of the usual Russian words.


Let's look at the question: "Rand - what is it?" - The example of several online games.Almost every toy you can find a manifestation of this fact.For example, playing online RPG, you run across the field, and all around you are starting to appear in random locations monsters - it's random.However, players are rarely credited with the concept to such phenomena.Rather, quite the contrary.

in gaming sphere random - it is rather a negative concept, saying contemptuous towards an event.Consider it in a single game.So random - what is it in the "Varfeys"?Probably many popular shooter is known with this name.It would seem that everything depends on the player's experience, and that's it.However, not everything is simple.Winning team - it is not only the ability of participants, but also their qualitative composition.In other words, for each game opponents are selected randomly.With the help of randomness.

Here is another example.In "Varfeyse", as in many other online games have the opportunity to invest real money.Therefore, from time to time, developers are satisfied with the shares, "trunks", buying and discovering that you can win the rarity weapons that exceeds the purchased in the usual way.And here Random reveals itself in all its glory.This weapon comes in the box 3-4, and someone in the cell.That is the injustice of the players and called randomness.


Rand - what is it really?If you type in Microsoft Excel function RAND () and distribute it to multiple cells, you will be presented a series of numbers.It is a simple and intuitive way of working "randomness."A careful user will notice that despite the fact that the drop rate of any value must be the same, the number one will meet frequently, others - less.Such is the "random" ...