Ointment for gum inflammation.

Somehow assumed that the "tooth" of the problem can not be ignored - they say, once the enamel is damaged or inflamed nerve, immediately it appears - a sharp unbearable pain.In reality, things are not so simple.

gums, and they serve as the main goal of pathogenic germs, sick at once - a process that usually stretched in time for many weeks or even months.With less severe symptoms, insidious disease skillfully uses the fact that he did not pay enough attention, and progresses with increasing speed.When bleeding and gingival tissue hypersensitivity seriously complicates life has to go to an appointment with the dentist and spend a lot of time and money to eliminate the consequences of their own "sluggishness."Meanwhile qualitatively affect the "script" could "Holisal" -gel - reviews indicate that its regular use significantly reduces the risk of gingivitis - or any other medication, aimed at maintaining oral hygiene: whether it is applied "inright moment ", agents certainly would refuse their intentions regarding the" colonization "of the mucous membranes.

main causes of gum disease

fight against any disease begins with the identification of the primary sources of infection and localization of negative manifestations of the life of bacteria.In particular, the ointment for the gums (inflammation and degradation of the cellular structure of parapharmaceutical drugs, of course, helps, but to control the dynamics of the recovery still needs an experienced specialist) is shown for use if:

  • fail to choose the "right" toothpaste;
  • are taking place in the organization of systematic violations of balanced nutrition (deficiency of trace elements and vitamins in the body - one of the conditions of bacilli dominance over natural antibodies);
  • suspect a malfunction of the immune system;
  • aware of "bad heredity" (many dental ailments are programmed at the genetic level and are passed from parents to children);
  • long period of time taken antibiotics or drugs designed to suppress the symptoms of depression;
  • in the list of bad habits including smoking;
  • observed hormonal disruptions;
  • shaped stone plaque - "provocateur" softening the tissue at the site of contact of the tooth and gums.

How to diagnose the disease at an early stage?

Ointment for the gums (inflammation helps not all drugs with analgesic effect, and this must be kept in mind, and not to aggravate the situation of self-treatment) is applied not only with a strong symptoms, but also for the prevention of disorder, so special need for accuratediagnosis before the start of the procedure is not improving.However, the hypothetical threat of allergic reactions to pharmacological active ingredients of the product is maintained, and consultation with a dentist still desirable.

As for the treatment of gum preparations the profile of this group are used when:

  • cleaning teeth is accompanied by the release of the blood, but the pain of the absence;
  • felt detached tissue at the point of contact with the enamel (in fact, the gap is not, but it seems that the gradual deepening of the furrows is still going on);
  • case of prolonged edema, and as a result, the teeth become mobile within their channels (we are talking about undermining non-mechanical nature of origin);
  • inflamed periodontal pockets;
  • reddened areas are formed on the festering sores.

Any of the above symptoms can be seen as a signal for an immediate action.

Clinical forms of gingivitis

gum disease - gingivitis - according to various estimates is suffering from 70% to 90% of the world population.Decided to allocate five basic forms of the disease, when in fact the number of known clinical pictures much more - just under the influence of "related" infections symptoms tend to the transformation (because changes are called "secondary" factors, they are often classified as a consequence of operation "non-core" pathogens).

Each type of gingivitis - catarrhal, hypertrophic, ulcerative, atrophic and deskeamativny - has a specific resistance to certain components of drugs.But there are so-called universal antiseptic, reaction mechanism which is not tied to a particular sub-species of the pathogen.One of these drugs - Dental Gel "Metrogil Dent" (the price varies from 150-250 rubles).Its use is justified and mild form of gingivitis when struck only interdental papillae, and severe (ie, inflammation of the gums throughout).

Localization threats at an early stage allows to effectively confront the "rebelled" microbes.But before the end exclude the possibility of the total spread of the infection is still impossible: gingivitis, generalized edema of the alveolar processes fraught with teeth of the upper and lower jaw and very problematic in terms of the elimination of the consequences.

Ointment for the treatment of gums and anti-inflammatory gels.Are there any differences?

resorted to the use of gels that soothe irritation and extinguish pockets of concentration of pathogens in the mouth, it is not always appropriate - sometimes you can get a change of toothpaste and brushes.But when it comes to targeted prevention or active opposition to microbes, there's an ointment for healing of the gums - "the thing": its active ingredients inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins and thereby prevent their "migration" from tooth to tooth.

Many nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs in this group are sold in pharmacies without a prescription, and ordinary consumers often have questions about their optimal form of release.Simply put, they are interested in the final effect: would result from the application of the ointment as pronounced as with the regular application of the gel, or not?

unequivocal answer, of course, does not exist, because each drug has an original framework that determines the rate of adsorption and the quality of fixation on the gums.Whatever it was, most experts tend to believe "the product of tomorrow" it gels: those, in their opinion, better penetrate the mucosa and not so quickly broken down by saliva.

Strength "Holisal»

as an ointment for the gums (inflammation medicine recommended not only in Russia but also in some European countries) "Holisal" proved to be the best.

The speed of onset of therapeutic effect, it surpasses many pills: salicylate chloride tsetalkoniya contribute to the fact that the pain recedes within some two or three minutes after application.Along the way, the ingredients relieve puffiness and reduce bleeding.The low cost of the drug (about 300 rubles) making it one of the best solutions available in the pharmaceutical market.

Why so popular "Metrogil Dent?"

basic foundation is chlorhexidine and metronidazole: the first - a bright representative of the group of antiseptics, the second - "hereditary" antibiotic.Action reagent is particularly noticeable in the upper layers of the mucosa of the gums, that is in the early stages of infection progress gel is very effective.

But, as doctors say, share the presence of an antibiotic is clearly underestimated (when compared to peers), so "Metrogil Dent», whose price is about 170 rubles, often disappointing in treating advanced forms of the disease.Nevertheless, the level of demand for the drug among ordinary consumers (reagent available without prescription) shows the opposite - a bet on the "magical" properties of the gel, many patients do, even with relapses.

«Kamistad": the mechanism of contact at the point of inflammation

The above-mentioned ointment for gum - "Dent" - in terms of providing anti-inflammatory effect is very close to "Kamistadu" - a gel containing lidocaine hydrochloride and chamomile.With symptoms of gingivitis both drugs are struggling as best they could, and I must say, very well.However, the peripheral action "Kamistada" (estimated cost of one tube - 160-200 rubles) uncharacteristically - onemevayut gums treated areas for 3-5 minutes.Given the extent of the therapeutic course - 7-10 days - like "anomaly" can be safely attributed to the shortcomings of drugs.

gel and balm "Asepta»

NSAIDs under the trade name "Asepta" on the market in the form of a gel and balm.As parfarmatsevtikom based propolis hlorgeksina and metronidazole, it has antimicrobial properties.But the result declared by the manufacturer in the practical use of the drug are often not confirmed.Tellingly, balsam gum in this particular case is not suitable for rinsing the mouth - it, like a gel, a thin layer is applied to the affected area, and then expect the allotted time, without taking any further action.

Ointment for gum inflammation: application guide

For more rapid restoration of degraded / inflamed gingival tissue sections should follow the basic rules of the use of gels and ointments:

  • applied drugs only after brushing your teeth;
  • if the process of eating is conjugate with painful sensations - to use products containing lidocaine (or equivalent) half an hour before a meal;
  • mandatory resort to protect the period of sleep;
  • not try to wash off the components in cases where this is not specified the original instructions (typically, the reactants are absorbed in the first 30 minutes and further rinsing the mouth is not needed).

In the absence of positive developments need to seek professional medical help.

parallel non-pharmacological treatment of gingivitis

Along with the use of drugs such as "Holisal" -gel (reviews about him mostly positive, which indicates a high active ingredient against pathogens), sometimes it is advisable to resort to a "parallel" treatment:

  • to lightly massage the gums atrophied (with all the rules of hygiene);
  • load masticatory apparatus at the first opportunity (focus on fruit);
  • used dental floss and strongly inhibit the formation of plaque.

Gum disease: the role of parapharmaceutical preparations

Medicines aimed at improving gum, quite a lot.Some drugs are prescribed on the basis of surveys and dispensed strictly on prescription.But there are those who belong to the group parfarmatsevticheskih funds - they are available to purchase in almost any drugstore.And the ointment for the gums (the price most of the gels vary between 100-350 rubles) is not the only popular form of production.

For example, did the same, "Forest Balsam" is presented in the form of a special liquid for rinsing the mouth.Due to its composition extracts of five medicinal plants, it is perfectly cope with the functions of "tools for prevention" that is, does not allow the development of catarrhal gingivitis by inhibition of pathogenic microbes.

But when fibrous gingival tissue sprouting another very effective "parapharmaceuticals" - "Malawi».The main "weapon" here is already Ant alcohol: cauterizing mucosa, the active ingredient locates site of damage (however at standard inflammatory processes, "The Family" is better not to use it).

Gingivitis: prevention and healing

If we are talking about the use of parapharmaceutical funds, balsams, then rinses the gum - a procedure is certainly useful, and can be seen as an integral part of a comprehensive prevention of disease.According to the instructions of WHO, only there are three types of "pre-emptive" action:

  • primary activities involve the elimination of bad habits and optimization of the diet;
  • secondary - the elimination of pockets of decay and their derivatives;
  • tertiary aimed at restoring full functionality masticatory system (prosthetics, and so on. N.).

If all these items gingivitis cure the patient - the issue resolved.