Unusual congratulation on March 8 - every woman's dream

What can surprise a woman?All songs are sung, poems, all written ... But because each is looking forward to the arrival of spring and the first holiday.How to make it original?What is unusual congratulation on March 8 will be able to impress the woman he loves?Variants of the sea, only need to connect a little imagination and truly love your companion want to please her.What

like a woman?

All women love compliments, kind words and gifts.It is necessary to look to my colleague, friend, beloved mother, sister - they really have something to say, they deserve it.We can talk all day long woman, her love, love as it is expensive, it will only be happy about that.

To come up with an unusual congratulation on March 8, you need a little time and imagination.Internet simplifies the preparation for any holiday, offering plenty of opportunities: poetry, prose, even ready scenario holidays.


Since ancient times, valued poems and serenaded.Time romance failed.There will be women who will appreciate inscribed poems written for her.

will be pleased with a beautiful greeting card with warm words, wishes, especially if you make it with your own hands.The text can be read.

With the first rays of spring in your
knock the window, love.Let
spring will be gentle with us,
my sun native, cute.

And the feast of love and passion I
zatseluyu you to tears.
Congratulations on March 8,
not met me in the world such.

most kind, gentle, sweet,
I give kisses billions.
Be always happy in the world.
Happy March 8!

If a poem or song with a guitar in the author's performance will feature on TV or radio, and hear the familiar, such a gift is not ashamed to show off to her friends.

Short and sweet

If you can not congratulate a woman personally suitable in this case as a congratulations on March 8 short SMS messages.

March 8 congratulations,
Sea color you wish.
the holiday held
And you clearly get a lot of gifts!

Originally to be congratulated on social networks, adding the post of a beautiful postcard or photo.Congratulations on March 8, short wishes in personal correspondence or on the wall of the recipient will be pleasantly surprised.

to the first spring snowdrop
congratulate you forgot.
to close was a gentle man,
nurtured, pampered, loved!

To provide an unusual congratulation on March 8 for the way a woman can be ordered billboard with her photo and fine words and arrange it in a position where it will be several times a day pass.This will increase her self-esteem and lift your spirits.

Today for you all the flowers in the world,
Let give happiness pink sunrises.
Happy spring gentle congratulations.
love and everything would not change.

Today is a holiday of beauty,
Love, smiles and excitement,
Let dreams come true
not only on March 8.

simply and tastefully

No poems no substitute for frank wishes simple words.After collecting all the tenderness and warmth, to find the right adjectives can come up with an unusual congratulation on March 8, most importantly, do not skimp on compliments.

¬ęDear, dear, love my woman!Let soft pink dawn knock on your door with the first spring holiday and bring you the most sincere wishes for happiness, goodness, harmony, love and peace.I wish that the gentle breeze brought a novelty into your life, and a rainbow of bright paint it to spring flowers filled her with its fragrance and beauty.I Love.Your man".


colleagues at work takes a significant part of our lives.Together with colleagues we celebrate the holidays, we become friends, godfathers, loved.

has become a tradition to celebrate Women's Day in the team.To come up with original congratulations on March 8 colleagues need quite a bit.Women are not indifferent to three things: flowers, sweets and a compliment.

Laughter prolongs life

Among everyday work, tasks and responsibilities always want to find a place for a holiday.To cheer up women can do comic congratulation on March 8, the humor that offends no one.It is perceived unusual and original.

Have a wonderful day,
To mourn in vain,
Go to the Canary Islands,
To avoid wasting time for nothing.

to be there all the examples,
meet there millionaire,
So he gave flowers
and realize dreams!

There is a category of women, for which the most expensive gift will be a day of rest from all over the world.It is important to sometimes give to feel free from family responsibilities, hassle, kitchen, children, husband.

best congratulation on March 8 for a woman - a "leave warrant" for the day.This will be the original gift that she can use as she wants.Maybe she decides to share the holiday with partner, family or friends - it is her right.