What is the work of a courier

There are many professions that are suitable mainly for young people.They are associated with physical activity, high physical activity, they do not need special education.These include, for example, work by courier, which does not require any special skills.In addition, it can carry with 15-16 years and work part-time.For these reasons, open position carrier always in demand, on the one hand, and is always opened on the other.

turns out that messengers are needed and even very many companies: almost all large organizations and companies, the majority of publishing houses, not to mention thousands of online shops and courier services.That is, if someone needs a job, then, with a little effort, you can always find it.

chosen to host such activity as work by courier, you need to know some of its features.This is primarily the responsibility.In fact, the messenger is always responsible, including financially, for what gives.You will also have to deal with money, so you have to be especially careful.Secondly, the need to strictly observe the delivery date, otherwise you may be fined or punished in any other way.Third, you must be hardy, it is very difficult.Note that the day is sometimes necessary to make 10-13 trips and carry 15 kg.For this reason, employers prefer not to take the women's messenger.Courier work - almost always a male occupation.Except when you need only deliver documents to banks and notaries.This is required in most offices.Fourth, most employees are looking for full-time, but it is not satisfied with the students.

What young people are on the job?Few people perceive it as part time, mainly in the beginning of a career.After working for some time in an interesting company, showing zeal and diligence, you can count on with time as manager.This is the case, if it does not immediately get an intern or assistant.Wages small courier.Most often it is 8-15 thousand rubles, rarely above.

What advantages has a job courier?We do not need the skills and experience, the schedule is very flexible, ideal for students and high school students, will have a lot to communicate with people that come in handy in the future, and get to know their city.

Cons: poorly paid, physically difficult and prestigious.But it may be a good start for a career and gives the first experience, which is also important.

more challenging and prestigious is the following work: a driver-courier company car.Although she is more responsible, as will have to respond, and for a car, and for more cargo.But this version you will draw fully officially, will receive the "white" salary and benefits package.Such job offer most online stores where you do not deliver mobile phones and home appliances bigger and heavier, and in large quantities and over long distances.Maybe the combination of the work of the office of the driver and courier in your free time from the basic employment.Wages are already starting from 25 000 rubles.

There is such a vacancy as a job courier own car.Decorate it more often under an employment contract.Responsibilities - standard and employment can be either fully or partially, as required.Salary largely negotiated.The employer will compensate for fuel costs and depreciation of your vehicle.In this work there will be more freedom and independence.It is looking very often those who have had something to do.