What are trying to say your hair: 6 important symptoms

deteriorated hair?In fact, their appearance can say a lot about your habits, diet and lifestyle, and related problems.One has only to listen to these symptoms, and you can not only improve the hair, but also in time to prevent a common harm that might apply to themselves.

therefore offers 6 "Secrets» , who crave unhealthy hair tell their masters:

1. Perhaps vegetarianism or veganism - is not such a good idea for your body , especially because you are replacing meat andfish carbohydrates (such as pasta and other pasta, rice, bread, potatoes) and nuts.

To make your hair strong and healthy, they need to get enough protein and iron in particular, the shortage is anemia - as well as from her hair fall out.

Therefore strengthen your hair, consuming a minimum rate of 18 mg of iron a day (8 mg for people over 50 years old).Meat (especially beef liver and turkey), eggs, shellfish, leafy greens and green apples, beans and vitaminizovaronnye grain products and some other vegetables - the best natural sources of iron.

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If you want to make iron in the form of a food supplement or medicine, be sure to first of all check with your doctor, because the excess, and an overdose of iron can be detrimental to your health and harm not only the hair, but also the heart, liver and other organs.

2. You developed a habit to your dandruff shampoo. As a result, along with dandruff has disappeared and all the moisture out of your hair.Daily use of anti-dandruff shampoo can dry up and cause serious damage to the hair, dermatologists say.The chemical structure of means for combating dandruff, which may include antifungals, sulfur, and other elements typically does not combine with useful ingredients for hair itself is not considered as such.

Doctors advise to wash your hair with shampoo for dandruff no more than 2 times a week, and in the remaining days to use nourishing and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for hair, and they should be rubbed into the scalp, and not just in the hair itself.

3. You need time to get used to your new pill. Any interference with the hormonal balance of the body is caused by a reaction of the body, sometimes strange and unexpected.

According to the testimony of doctors and parikaherov, often the hair of women, change, or start taking pills protivozachatostnyh, thinning become more dry and brittle, lose their natural shine.This is particularly noticeable on colored hair too dry hair will absorb color, so when the next color can turn a different shade, not like last time.

4. You do not need a special shampoo for colored hair. Many hairdressers say that ordinary shampoos are not suitable for colored hair, because they contain high doses of sulphides, parabens and other cleaning agents, which may wash off dye molecules with your hair, affecting their hue and forcing painted often.

But if your regular shampoo does not contain elements such as sodium lauryl sulfate or ammonium, and you use a moisturizing conditioner or balm for the hair, there is no need to spend money on special shampoo for colored hair (unless you want to, of course).

5. You have overcome difficult life band and already out of the crisis. hard times, trials, stress, loss - all this affects our health, but often, when we feel better, and get out of the abyss, our hair suddenly start to rot and fall out.

But do not worry, it is - not a sign that your body is completely falling apart.The fact that the life cycle of each hair - about 3 months, so the hair does not react instantly to what is happening in your life, and their loss - a reaction to what happened a few months ago.This is - proof that you have not only survived truzhnye times, but already out of the crisis.

6. It is time you see a doctor - the sooner the better.If simple strengthening of hair loss and thinning shag may become the norm with age, losing hair strands intact - normal.This can be a symptom of many diseases and even very serious illnesses.

So if you start to notice the bare scalp shines through the thick hair before, seek medical attention immediately and make all the necessary tests to find the cause of such a strong hair loss.