What are the characteristics of a modern society?

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What are the characteristics of a modern society?The question is not easy, but if we talk about it globally and generally, you get a very thorough answer.The modern social system is a post-industrial, information and legal society in which the fundamental role played by knowledge, technology and science.Modern man must be cultured and educated in the humanities and in the technical sense.

structure of modern society

Over the last hundred and fifty years the company has transformed radically.The classes of society began to wash their public face, the antagonism between the worker and the employer has found a milder form, the society has become more active and mobile.In the XXI century due to many factors, a significant part of the people began to live in cities.The new technology of cultivation and technological progress gradually supplanted the rural population to industrial centers.But, despite all the technological effectiveness, the role of labor in society is very important.

Modern profession and specialists

structure of modern society leads to a huge variety of professions.In addition, every year there are more and more specialists.Demand considered technologists, programmers, marketers, managers, designers.What are the characteristics of a modern society, such are the requirements for modern workers - education, skills, communication skills and punctuality.

Modern city

metropolis and metropolitan area became a symbol of modern society.

to classify cities into small (up to 60 thousand. Population), medium (70 - 100 thous.), Large (110 - 270 thous.), Large (1 million), and megacities (over 1 million).The metropolitan area of ​​the city are fused millionaires.The largest agglomeration in the world - Tokyo, with all its suburbs, its population is over 29 million people.

Modern production

Huge businesses, shopping centers, robotic manufacturing - these are the main features of modern society.

current leaders of industry are computer technology, energy, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and electronics.Modern society is a society of production and consumption of goods and services.

characteristic classes of society today - it is the employers who own the means of production, and workers who sell their labor power.

In highly developed countries of the world due to technological breakthroughs in electronics has become a reality automation and robotics industry, but the role of the employee not been usurped machines.

For example, at the "Toyota", which produce motor-vehicles, in just 10 days without the use of a car is made of human labor, the process control are just a few specialists.

But the true innovation in science and social production is nanotechnology.It is the job of substances at the level of the smallest particles (atoms and molecules).

nanorobots actively developed, which can be compared in size with the molecule, they have a wide variety of functions, including motion processing information, performance program settings.

should also be noted that all modern inventions registered under the laws of intellectual property, and the author of the idea is always its owner.The modern world - is primarily a legal society.

Modern communications

is almost impossible to imagine the modern world without cars, airplanes and spaceships.New communication technologies have given the public the opportunity to global communication.With the help of satellites information can be transferred to any place and from any point of the globe.Mobile phones and the Internet have become indispensable means of communication most people.

In every historically developed type of society existed his famous discovery.In primitive society was the beginning of the progressive use of fire, the wheel and writing.In the industrial engine appeared, factories, in the postindustrial - computer technology and the Internet.So, what are the characteristic features of modern society can be judged by the discoveries.

information revolution

information revolution - a radical transformation of society and the relationships in it due to the increasing role of information.

Getting the information revolution is necessary at the present stage of development of society, which is actively spread information technology.

Whole world knows four information revolution.During the first writing was invented, the second - the printing press, the third - electricity, thanks to which any radio, telegraph and telephone.The fourth information revolution began in the mid-twentieth century and continues to this day.It is related to the invention of silicon chip technologies and the advent of the Internet.

consequences of information transformations highlighted the information industry, which is associated with the manufacture of technical and information tools and technologies.

World global network

man in today's society can not exist without a computer.With it has become possible to receive, send and process information, perform complex calculations and to communicate with users of the network.Worldwide global network called the Internet has united millions of people of different cultures and nationalities.

Through the Internet, you can communicate, seek and process information, to buy goods, to book tickets in the cinema and on the plane.Thanks to Internet services people get their news in the world, get a job, meet and marry.Also, using the World Wide Web, you can get information on almost all the issues - from sophisticated scientific definitions to prescription culinary masterpiece.

In the last decade, the Internet communication has reached a new level through the social networks, that is, the virtual communities of people.Social networks have become the main means of communication of today's youth.The most popular of these is the legendary Facebook.

the World Wide Web, according to modern estimates, brought together more than 2 billion people worldwide and is already available in almost all countries of the world.With the help of Internet modern man can make his life much more productive and interesting.

This article gave a detailed answer to the question: "What are the characteristics of a modern society?".You can firmly assert that modern society is based on technological progress, information technology, scientific knowledge, it is active and mobile.