This "small wet problem" - how to deal with bedwetting?

your child still write at night in bed?Well, bedwetting in children - a problem known and widespread, but solvable.

offers 10 useful tips - to help you and your child.

So, bedwetting in a child - what to do and what to avoid:

1. Remember - this problem can swipe at the self-esteem and Self-baby, so:

1) do not punish, do not blame, do not humiliateand do not scold the child for what he sometimes or always pees in bed at night - remember that a child is not guilty, he can not control himself and keep from urinating;

2) do not discuss this issue outside the family or the child, but in the presence of other family members, and do not let anyone tease the child - neither his nor another's;

2. Give your child understand that his problem is solved, and that his ability to do it, and you are fully supported him and helped him.

3. exercise maximum patience, tact and benevolence, especially if the child itself is going through because of his problems.

4. calms the baby, tell him the positive examples (their own or others), it is - time and solve the problems that children simply outgrow.

5. practitioners often encourage child - for example, the promotion of personal responsibility, the kid knew that the dry bed in the morning - especially its responsibility and merit, and it is obligatory for praise or reward.Develop a system of rewards and incentives for the baby.

6. If the child is in the morning still woke up wet, remove and clean the bed and the bed with him.However, use absorbent and waterproof materials to facilitate the cleaning of the bed, and air fresheners to remove the unpleasant smell (or just thoroughly ventilate the room - if it is possible to let fresh air into the room).

7. Be sure to try to teach a child to go to the bathroom before going to bed.Explain to your child that he needs to wake up and go to the bathroom whenever he wants to pee.

8. Make sure that the child can easily and safely get to the toilet at night, light a light there, pee and wash my hands, or just put in his room, closing the pot.

9. The kid with the problem of bed-wetting is not recommended to eat at night diuretic foods (such as watermelon), and drinking lots of water for two hours before bedtime, especially carbonated and caffeinated beverages.

10. Some children in the fight against bedwetting diapers to help, and some of them, on the contrary, interfere.Talk to your pediatrician about this.