Success Strategy (NLP)

Many NLP technologies aimed at achieving success, whether interpersonal or business relationship.This exercise describes the turn-based strategy of success, to understand which is quite simple.To implement the technology deal with such important concepts of NLP as a result and resource state.

result - a specific desired goal, based on sensory perception.You know what you will see, hear and feel when you reach that goal.The result - one of the pillars of NLP.

resource state - a state in which the person has more choices, behaviors in this particular situation.Under the resource state in NLP is often understood as a state of joy, fun, interest, understanding, asoften in such a state a person can solve problems more creatively and easily.

turn-based strategy success

Step 1. Formulate the result.This is why you need to start any business, and especially important DURING Solutions technical problems or problems in business.

Step 2. Zamotiviruyte themselves to achieve pezyltata.Introducing rezyltat, you should experience intense positive pepezhivaniya.To do this, associate the desired target with any of their personal values.The more significant value, the more intense bydet motive.

Step 3. Divide the process of achieving a few steps.Then you can begin to act immediately and to postpone the decision for a long time.Jobs This division often makes it possible to define a necessary daily ysiliya.Besides, pegylyapnaya Jobs sets the necessary rhythm of activity, which increases motivation.

Step 4. Learn how to get dostyp pesypsnomy state.Resypsom can become positive pepezhivaniya, which was then linked to the executable Jobs.These details and apply for polycheniya dostypa to pesypsnomy state.
important naychit himself to turn obstacles into a reference point for new impulses to the target.

Step 5. Set a good ob.patno connection.You need great to see, hear and chyvstvovat anything related to your business.Quality ob.patno link will help you find the Reception of that will connect to the planned dely stopony the strongest personality.

Step 6. Evaluate pezyltaty made one day by ppedydyschego of comparison with the achievements of the day.Remember that every step toward the goal associated with positive pepezhivaniyami.Strengthen these experiences (this contributes to the mechanism described in the comparison).

not compare pezyltaty each step, with the ultimate goal of, otherwise your results will seem unfair minor that will reduce the motivation to achieve the goal.

Step 7. Be sure to congratulate yourself for a particular step taken to the result.Rejoice every achievement.The success of the day - this is also your yspeh.

By arc and collisional book Andpeya Kapelina "Snow on the leaves."

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