The most unusual profession of the Moscow labor market

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capital metropolis has always been attractive for people with innovative thinking.Every year a growing number of artists, actors, singers and others. Previously such professions were considered extraordinary, but now they have no surprise.The average competitor, according to experienced HR managers can see job portal "Work" to find a place manager to work with clients, a secretary or a personal assistant.Moscow labor market is full of such proposals.

But there are really unusual and even exotic profession.For example, dog walkers.This specialist will not meet in a provincial town.However, earnings are rather small - about 600 rubles a day.

Five exotic professions of our time

today in the capital, the demand and popularity in the industrial climbers, as reported portal Moscow - your city!As a rule, experts in the field are those who wish to combine a love of climbing and the opportunity to earn.Constantly risking these professionals to perform various work at height - from washing skyscraper windows to repair air conditioners.Earnings industrial climbers can be in the range of 35-75 thousand rubles a month.

unusual and rare in Moscow is a profession breydera.The specialist engaged braiding (Brady) in beauty salons.Recently, such non-standard African hairstyle became popular among young party capital.By working with one client, breyder can spend from 2 to 10 hours, while earning from 400 to 2 thousand. Rubles.

trendsetter in Moscow laid the basis for one more unusual profession - shopper or stylist.This expert helps wealthy clients to look glamorous and modern.It monitors new trends in fashion, goes shopping, choose and buy clothes trend for our customers.According to the portal "Trud", stylist services can be paid in the amount of 50 thousand. Rub.per month.

Besides the usual math, there are more and insurance.Specialist Actuary owns actuarial theory, develops the methodology and calculation of insurance rates.It helps to build up reserves of insurance premiums for long-term insurance.Paid work is a master in the amount of 55 thousand rubles.

interesting and quite popular profession in the capital is a speechwriter.The specialist wrote the texts of reports, presentations and speeches for politicians or businessmen.These experts usually do not aspire to fame.They usually earn from 50 th. To 100 thous. Rubles.