Bitch and the Angel: Top female mask

Many women hide their true "self" under different masks, some from time to time, the other - constantly.We found bitches under the guise of an angel and angels in the form of bitches.We trust the first to avoid the second, and sometimes simply misses the mark.How to recognize who is who, and did not make a mistake, when good and evil switch roles?

to be loved and feared

People hide their "I" and for psychological reasons - to live it became easier, and "selfish" - for profit.Most often both causes mixed: since I was wearing a mask, so it needs to be one hundred percent use!

Masks "good" to put on in order to look good and achieve universal love, bathe in it and use it to get something useful and necessary for themselves.All the masks of "good" is very popular.

Masks "evil" can protect yourself and your sensitive and tender soul of the brute reality.People are trying to look worse than it actually is, in the hope that others will see what they are fearful, frightened and run away.Not zadenut not hurt and did not break.

«Bad» masking rarer than the "good" because it looks worse than the other is not very nice, though often very helpful.In some situations - for the benefit of, at the pinnacle of success, from fatigue or swamp trouble - people take off their masks.And do things according to their true nature than amaze, shock and fed all others.

Masks good

«hope and support»

woman under the guise of "hope and support" self-confident and behaves as if all can.It makes a nice impression of the employee and loyal friend.

In personal relationships are also found instances of: "Oh, I'll help you with masters to repair.And do not look for one - closer to the time adjusting. "The term has come.The brigade was on time.But it would be better all masters at full strength on the road disappeared in the hole space-time, for they are to the toilet instead of cold water brought boiling water, then hot water poured from the bottom neighbors.And you drop in on a friend under the mask and suddenly you realize that all your problems will not care about it and sent it to repair your house anyhow someone to look to "help."And six months later you find out that guys also commissions from your "hope and support" shared.

Who's there? - Thirst universal admiration, multiplied by the consciousness of their own inadequacy - not "Greta Garbo, Sophia Kovalevskaya, and not even Hillary Clinton" - combined in the "hope and support" to the grasping instinct "all me!".Woman skillfully inspires trust around and dexterously takes this opportunity to snatch a slice for themselves personal gain sauce admiration from friends and colleagues.

Her hallmark - monstrous resistance to flattery.This mask, unlike the others, quickly grows to the true image and the "hope and support" starts to believe in their exclusivity.

control shot - reproach: "You do not cope!You did not work! "Is aiming it in the painful point:" I can do anything!I - great! "In reality, it can not do what is taken, and much of this suffering.

reaction false "hope and support» - vicious tantrum, crying and biting aggression.After all, its a wonderful way destroyed, she selected a piece of cake, it pushes from the pedestal!Grabs the position and privilege both hands: "But not damsya!Get out of here!Do not go and do not touch, say thank you, that I have any, so wonderful! »

And if this was - This" hope and support "fever is not smacks and understands the situation, to correct the error.She's actually - be.And it charges in its failure is not fatal.


thirsts for love, poses all understand and all sympathy.And the people trusting and sympathetic good word always greedy.

This woman always listens to friends, delving into the details, and each is a good word.Helpfully, no nothing fails, with the agility of a Japanese diplomat to replace the word "no" saying: "If you are sure it is necessary for you" and "I found another great option!" With her comfortable on a feather bed.

And suddenly her mask for a minute shifts.And it turns out that you have it from under the nose because of your frankness drags better opportunities - settles at the place of work, to which you yourself are aimed entices your customer better and takes your boyfriend.And others do not believe - they only see her mask!

occurs fake "angel" of a different kind.It is also helpful and kind.The mask of an angel with her jumps from fatigue and irritation: tired of being good.And she hung friend of the hospital, although promised.Or not met at the airport, although it was going.Or refusing to lend money, though planned.

Who's there? - Mask angel cling on bitchiness women - for profit, and forever burdened with guilt women who seek a common love for the sake of self-esteem.The first is very dangerous - they can fail and betray.The second is simply inconvenient to talk to.

Her hallmark - All false angels very jealous for their own uniqueness is important.They are jealous and totally inadequate: the boss - to the other colleagues, friends - to his own mother, her husband - the cat, children - the teacher.

control shot - shoot at the point of "thirst for love."Says that "an angel," someone can not stand and watch the reaction.

reaction false "angel» - one that comes from a bitch, mortally offended - because it is not good from the heart, and for profit.So much effort is applied to ensure that angel to be.And there's some snake did not love her - would kill!"Angel" of the blame for ever feels bad.She was in a nightmare.And ready to hang himself with frustration and longing.The mood of her spoils, it darkens.And if you immediately tell her about how somewhere someone much loved and praised, she will envy spots, will be broken and strangled voice say about a good man muck.

And would this - This "angel" - would listen quietly, "Well, do not like and do not like."She - not for the sake of their love is good, but because the other can not be.


main part of the mask, "I'll take care of you!" The false mother takes care, advises and guides.As colleagues he is always asking how things were going with her husband, whether the child has recovered.Readily take a part of your work and teach.As girlfriend loves to hear stories about your troubles and guide in life.

mask slips off at the slightest threat to its security.And false "Mummy" lets you out of its soft paws, and it does not matter where you fall - the sea, the rocks, and you break it.She refuses his promises and denies your help.

Who's there? - She wants power and wants to control the situation."Mom," everything is always willing to talk, ask her advice.She owns the information and gives the advice that is beneficial to her.

distinctive feature - susceptible to external displays of reverence.It is for her - a symbol of power.

control shot - shoot to the point: "We can do without you!»

reaction false "Momma» - be superfluous and unnecessary - it was a nightmare.She tries to tie all depend on yourself, and it suddenly say: "Relax!" Her shock, confusion, resentment.And always - wild aggression to suspend.

And would this - would grinned: "Well, zero!Try it!Let's see what happens. "She knows - if without it will not work, it will be called again if all will say: "Good to learn!" It does not produce aggression to suspend, and starts to fuss around to stay.

Masks of Evil

«The Snow Queen»

woman shows that she was indifferent to the feelings of others and other people's fate.Distancing said frostily, through clenched teeth.The first greeting is not looking past.I think: "Do what arrogant bitch!»

Who's there? - «The Snow Queen" is very vulnerable and sensitive.He is afraid to look people in the focus, not to offend the eye.Kept at a distance: what if you say something terrible - and she will die of grief.So he behaved famous Greta Garbo - someone else's harsh word to drive her into a depression, and she cut off from the people in silence.It allows itself to be sensitive only among relatives in a familiar childhood situation.

Her hallmark - Physically unable to say rude.Pour scorn - yes.Send someone to the foot erotic journey - never in my life.

control shot - Beat for pity.Warm soft voice anywhere in the coffee shop to tell her about some their trouble, and even better - a touching story about animals.

reaction false "Snow Queen» - She says very precise words that clear - she understand your feelings.And doing something cute and confused - but at least able to get a piece of candy from her purse.Maybe stick it by your hand, because it gives not looking.But pity in her more fear of being injured or cause you to hurt herself.

And it would present - Tough dry lady says formal phrase like "how unpleasant" and looks at you with sincere bewilderment - why the hell did you tell her all told.


favorite mask women - the owners of medium and small businesses.Speaks loudly and with authority, obscenities swear - easily, and without any artistry on the machine as "a god," said.He tells everyone that speaks only the truth.And though she always unpleasant sense, since she seems pleasant some unreal.He likes to talk about corrupt politicians, high taxes and lack of social protection.In sharp remark responsible stunning brutality - for all to see its effect.Praises the film "The Godfather" and can not tolerate "Vacation exchange".He eats only meat.When happy and satisfied with everything, cautiously peeking out from under the mask begins to devour sweets, melodrama and look interested in someone else's life.Generous, ready to share the latest.

Who's there? - Very shy woman imagined that there must be "without complexes".And choked all loud rude.Maybe as a child my grandmother instilled in her that "impudence - the second happiness," so she now tries - blush from a mixture of confusion and anger and rude so that only hold on.And out of it came the likeness of actress Faina Ranevskaya, known for its profanity and the famous phrase "Pionery, go to the Well ..." Yes, but not her talent.

distinctive feature - inner loneliness.When cling on such protective armor rudeness, through it does not get through to anyone.

control shot - Here in her loneliness and tselimsya.Good to drink with her tete-a-tete bottle (or two - it is strong drink) red wine under the touching music like a soundtrack to the film "Amelie" by candlelight or by the fireplace.Wrap her shoulders blanket.Pat on the head in passing.I admire her sense of beauty and romance.Just do not accidentally hihikni!

reaction false "soldafonki» - And she thawed, softened, tears, or tell something touching.

And would this - Tried to sing loudly telling jokes, remembered her lovers, was looking for something stronger to drink wine, would be overturned on the table with a huge cup of black coffee, which demanded "for the road."


Her feigned cynicism looks intimidating.She is sharp, categorical, looking around conspiracy theories, the catch and benefits.Mocks the notion of "gratitude", he says with disgust about the sense of duty and sometimes even shouts that nobody in the world owes nothing.And only occasionally, in moments of great stress, peeking out from under the mask and squeezes kitten pays big paper notes beggar old man, pays the cashier supermarket for mom with a child on the card which has left five rubles instead of the required ten.

Who's there? - often bitch really generous and kind woman who need to keep yourself in check so as not to help all unhappy, orphaned and the poor at the expense of themselves.

distinctive feature - He likes to be alone - tired of his mask.Listen to music.Or walk with the camera.

control shot - Tselimsya in selflessness.Possible options - tell her that no one else to help you, it happened - it need sensible advice on the business plan.Or report that you desperately need the money, but you're not sure whether you can repay the debt in the coming year.Vries that it humane eyes and a kind smile - and why you refer to it.The method of testing is not the most honest.But, unfortunately, some observations on this fake bitch hard to distinguish.

Reaction fake bitches - Read the lecture, tell a poisonous evil anecdote, all distort.And if you're after so formidable entry can not escape, sigh and ask what is wrong with your business plan.Or greetings to the fact that you can not bank the money went, and found her, fool.

And it would present - She never took to help, yet would not see in your offer direct benefits for themselves.

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