Why cracked lips: 7 major reasons

dry, chapped lips - it is not only painful and unpleasant, not only a blow to our beauty, but also a potential risk of infection with all sorts of viruses, fungi and infections.

As you know, the best to combat the problem - it is prevention.However, to his lips do not crack, it is necessary to understand why this is happening?We offer you 7 main causes of this problem.

1. Cold weather.

during the cold season, especially in winter, cracking lips - a common phenomenon, and all - because of the drop in humidity and too dry air.

2. The absence or lack of protection of the lips.

If you do not take care of the lips, as it should, they are bound to crack.Therefore, the best friends of your lips in all seasons - special moisturizing balm and a good sunscreen, even in winter.

3. Wrong choice of toothpaste or lipstick.

Choosing a toothpaste or lipstick, carefully check their composition.Many pastes contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), often cause dry skin and cracked lips on it.By the same result, and food antioxidant propyl gallate, which can be found in the composition of many lipsticks.

4. Constant licking lips.

course, saliva moistens his lips - but not for long, since then, along with the saliva evaporates from the surface of the lips all the moisture.Therefore, licking the lips leads to their further drying, and hence deterioration problems of cracked lips, rather than a solution.

5. Dehydration of the lips, or the whole organism.

lip skin, unlike most of the rest of the surface of the body, has no sebaceous glands, so dry out so quickly.Too dry or chapped lips can also be a symptom of the general dehydration of the body, so drink plenty of water daily.

6. Breathing through the mouth.

When you breathe through your mouth, the air is constantly passed over the skin of the lips, drying it naturally.This should be considered especially during periods of cold, when breathing through the nose difficult.Therefore, during the illness of our lips need special attention and constant hydration special balms.

7. The overabundance of fruit and vitamins.

But for this reason, the cracks on the lips of very few people know.As we know, all good in moderation, however, in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, it is worth considering that the citrus juice dry mouth, and an overabundance of vitamin A can also lead to cracking and peeling of the skin of the lips.

So breathe nose, drink plenty of water, keep the measure in the consumption of citrus fruits and vitamins carefully choose toothpaste and lipstick, do not lick too often, and most importantly - do not forget about the regular moisturizing lip balms using bailout.And then your lips will always be soft, gentle and beautiful.