Sharing folder Windows 7. Sharing Windows 7

modern world of technology implies a tablet or computing device almost everyone.So, in the same house can be used by multiple computers, laptops and notebooks.Their synchronization is much easier to work.The transfer of information from one computer device to another is not pose any problem.You do not need to change for the other device and reset all the necessary information to removable media, it is enough to have an Internet connection or Wi-Fi on both devices and implement the right software configuration.To synchronize your computer, you will need to create a shared folder to Windows 7. What information do you need to know about setting up a safe?

Why open public access to the files and folders

In small offices, big business and quite often at home there is the need to synchronize data between computers using a single printing device for multiple computers and other important functions.For this it is essential to share the folder.Windows 7, Linux, XP - the most common operating systems among advanced users.Depending on the purpose and place of use of computer equipment, used one or the other type of software.So, on the stationary computer in the office often installed Linux, because it is a free basic software.Laptops often use the 7th or 8th version of Microsoft Windows.As a result, it is necessary to properly configure the public.

Most often inexperienced users have the problem of open access to the folder it is in Windows 7. "Why?"- You ask.The fact that in this version of the OS have been made major changes in the shared and networks.It was organized specifically for the security of the computer device, but here having its own difficulties.

Basic information about the opening of access to the folder of the operating system

Sharing Windows 7 includes the implementation of certain rules:

  • order for your computer does not captured crooks and accidentally connect unauthorized users, you must first put a password.This will protect the data on the device to which you give a share.
  • Sharing files and folders involves work in the same network - WorkGroup.All devices must be configured as members of the working group.If your computer is connected to another network, you can not use the shared folder to Windows 7. An exception can only be the case when you are using a laptop and connect to the corporate domain of Wi-Fi, but this is your computing device must be configuredhis element.
  • Explorer Windows 7 should recognize attached devices.Only in this case, the setting of the connection is considered valid.

role of home groups in the local data exchange

Home groups were developed by Microsoft for the purpose of data sharing, file, multi-function printers by several computers connected to the network.Despite the fact that through them easier to synchronize the device to carry out share the folder through Windows 7 via WiFi and cable connection, home groups (Home Groups) have a number of its shortcomings.When compared with the working group, there is much less data rate.In addition, there are some limitations.In this article we are talking about Windows 7, but if you have chosen a group home - it is impossible to connect a computer with XP operating system.It is also important to mention that the existing version of Windows 7, such as such as "home" and "home base" can not carry out the creation of such a network cell.But they can be connected to a group created using any version of "Vindovs."If your PC was first connected to the network, "Vindovs 7" automatically opens connection with the offer or to create a homegroup.

If you have firmly decided to join a homegroup, then in order not to be denied access to Windows 7, you must perform some action to change the parameters of the secondary public access.There are several kinds of parameters:

  1. private network.
  2. Guest or public network.
  3. All networks.

For those who initially did not have time to select a group home as a base in your network, it is possible to configure and search manually.To do this, you must go through this path: "Start" - & gt;"Control Panel" - & gt;"Network and Internet".In the management of public access networks and there is a section to change network settings.

Setting up shared access to selected files and directories

in the 7th version of Windows, to add a folder or specific files to share, you must call up the menu by clicking on the icon of a file or folder, right-click (RMB) and select one of the existingpoints.Sharing Windows 7 includes selection items such as a home group with the ability to read, write, or read-only ban users to open the folder with the files.

If you only want to add a file to a common access, then you need to click RMB on the icon file, select Sharing, then go to the advanced settings.Given the selected profile, click Options, and select the check boxes necessary settings.The opening windows in detail describes the functions of a particular parameter.

Setting public access to a directory system

No matter what kind of access you choose, whether through work or home group - you can always use to access files on your computer via the folder "General".It is created automatically when you connect to the group and is located in the hierarchy of your computer device on this path: C: \ "Members" \ "General".In Windows Explorer, "Vindovs 7" you must click "Share with".In the public access to the directories should include their share.So you can arrange to share a folder.Windows 7 detects that directory as the public, but it is recommended to add it to the library by pressing the right button of the touchpad on the name and selecting the desired item.

Cloud method for providing public access

This method of providing public access is also quite powerful, which helps to make backup files, which is much easier to work with data.This may be Google Drive or One Drive from Microsoft Corporation, where you can place all the necessary information and to use it from anywhere.Disadvantage - the subscription fee, if the file size greater restrictions.

Windows 7: access to the file and instructions for its opening

To change the public access to the file, it is necessary to carry out certain actions.

There are several ways of opening up access to files:

  • The first is the simplest.You must call the File Properties window by clicking on its name on the right mouse button or touchpad, to show the window select the "Sharing" and click on Access with the ability to read or read and write.
  • Open shared Windows 7 files can be another way.You must be in a shared management system and networks, there is a select group of management and public access.And in settings to specify the necessary settings.

methods of providing public access to data

Taking into account the objectives, each user chooses their method of connecting data access their computing device:

  1. If the data you're using a home network, you do not need to put on each folderadditional restrictions.You can easily gain access to the printer and file the personal device while sitting at the other devices on your home network.
  2. the Share Windows 7 can and using public folders on the C drive, in the directory "user" in the "General".There you can make the necessary settings, and a ban on access to certain directories and documents.
  3. Also, public access can be achieved thanks to cloud storage.This method does not require connection to a home network, it is enough to connect from anywhere in the world via an Internet browser, and synchronize files and documents across devices with the ability to backup.
  4. creating a hierarchy of directories, you can manually control access to files and directories of your personal computing device.

can not share the folder Windows 7: Addressing

however happen and unexpected trouble.For example, even with the correct setting of all necessary parameters, the computer displays a message that denied access to Windows 7. What should be done?Some on the second circle begin to verify the correctness of the set parameters, some are looking for other methods of solving problems.

most often on the computer trying to share the files on the disk D, but, as you know, avomaticheski open access to drive C. In order to avoid such problems, first of all right-touchpad or mouse double-click on the disk icon and addit allowed list.Other actions carried out according to a group of network to which you are connected.