Why, after the completion of Windows computer shuts down?

Well, today we will talk with you about why after the completion of Windows computer is not turned off.Let's look at the possible problems that could lead to such behavior, and try to improve this situation.

problems with iron

Worth noting is rather important reason that after the completion of Windows computer is not turned off.It is the fault of your equipment.Quite often users faced with this problem, but start to panic and "sound the alarm", complaining about a variety of viruses.

Indeed, various computer glitches - it's usually the case "hands" of Trojans, worms and other "charms".But not always.Particularly if before you pop up with a message or a warning with an error.So do not start to panic and "treat" your computer from viruses in the event of our current problems.

In fact, if you are faced with the fact that the computer does not turn off after the completion of Windows (XP, "seven", and so on), then the first thing to check serviceability of its components.If you are using a laptop, it is better to take it to the professionals - the system administrator.The service center.It will help you to quickly solve the problem.

However, to solve the problems of today, we have to start to turn off "the machine" from the network.How to do it?If you're sitting at a desktop computer, simply unplug the power cord.This is not the best solution, but in this situation there is no choice.In the case of a laptop - remove the battery.Now you can check the equipment and understand why after the completion of Windows computer is not turned off.But there may be other reasons.Let's understand what it is.


Quite often with equipment malfunction users face "powershift" PCs because of the relief driver or their complete removal.The causes of this situation can be quite a lot - from the usual failure to a dangerous virus.Nevertheless, the result of one - after the completion of Windows computer is not turned off.

What to do?The answer is simple - just update the driver, and the problem will go by itself.However, for the start, restart the operating system.For a long time agonizing over the question, what kind of "wood" is to update, better, perform this procedure with all devices.When you reset the hardware and driver, the problem is that the computer does not turn off after the completion of Windows, you will leave once and for all.More precisely, it will happen, if the cause of such behavior in the absence of wing / reset "firewood."Otherwise, you will stumble again on what the computer turns off.

By the way, if you're afraid not to find drivers for your devices, you can search for specific programs for this purpose.They tend to automatically check the equipment and give you a warning about leaving the "Update".With this software, you can not be afraid of aging drivers.


Sometimes it can happen, and so that the computer does not turn off after completing work (Windows 7, in particular) due to some running programs.Especially if you suspect the presence of viruses in the system.

Typically, when the computer is turned off, you can see how the terminated process of running applications.If not, then turn off the PC can not wait.In Windows XP you will not be so easy to contemplate the "root" of the problem.

What to do in this situation?Manually close all hinder the process of Apps.Sometimes it can just be a maddening.However, try first to shut down all the "prog", and then turn off the computer.Then the problem is that the computer does not turn off after completing work (Windows 7, 8, XP), you will not terrible.However, there are a number of reasons why this behavior may occur.Let's quickly look at them.After all, maybe you're faced with the fact that we have not yet considered.

mode "sleep"

If you ran into the problem that the computer does not turn off after the shutdown (Windows XP, 7, 8, and so on), but for all that you have seen that all the processes are completed successfully, you shouldlook for the answer elsewhere.For example, the system settings.

concern is that quite often (especially on laptops) in the "Power Supply" exposed the problem, which, instead of a complete shutdown of the system by pressing the "shutdown" simply translates "OSes" in the so-called sleep mode.At the same time, no matter how you try, "cut down" the computer you will not leave.Just pull out the power cord and remove the battery from the laptop.

What to do if the computer does not turn off after completing work (Windows 7, for example)?Of course, to change the power settings.Right click on the desktop and select "Personalize."Now go to the "Screensaver" and then to "Power Options."Now get out there, "Change plan settings".Click on this line and select "computer into sleep mode" to "never."

After that, you can be sure that the "sleeping" computer is no longer disturb you.Everything must normally earn.However, if you want, you can leave this option when the screen saver.After the nth number of "idle" system starts to save energy and "falls asleep."

Save your changes and try to turn off the computer.Typically, this option often helps.If it does not have to look for the problem elsewhere.But where exactly?Why not turn off the computer after the completion of (Windows 8, for example)?Let's try to deal with you in this matter.


Quite often, owners of modern laptops, especially with the "Vosmerochkoy" face our present trouble.They have computers, to put it mildly, do not shut down at all.It seems to be and should be, but no.What is the reason?

whole problem lies in the fact that the corporation "Microsoft" has decided to introduce the so-called regime gibernizatsii operating system.It is something like a "dream".At the same time processes are not cleared, temporary files are not deleted.You can say that you just turn off the monitor and withdrew.Is that little energy is wasted in this mode.

If you after the completion of Windows computer is not turned off, and the reason for that - gibernizatsiya, it should be turned off.Go to the command line.To do this, press Win + R. Then run cmd and write in it: powercfg.exe / hibernate off.After press "Enter".You can close the service and enjoy the result - gibernizatsiya disabled.Now you will be able to "knock out" the operating system when you need it.Enabling this mode is similar.Just off to be replaced on.That's all.

gibernizatsii problem worsened with the release of Windows 8. It is in this version of the operating system "Vindovs" reporting regime was introduced on a mandatory basis.Initially it was thought that it would serve to the benefit of users.In fact, everything turned out differently.


Well, now let us talk to you about the most probable scenario.It's about the virus.They are able to disable the computer to perform certain functions, not to mention the banal shutdown.Out here alone - to fight the infection.

If you do not turn off the computer after the completion of Windows, you try to scan it for viruses, spyware and worms.After cure all malicious and dangerous objects.Next Clean up registry using CCleaner.You can restart the computer and try to shut down the operating system.When viruses are eliminated, then the problem will disappear by itself.