How to develop intuition?

What is intuition?Almost all of these people have a sixth sense.It arises out of nowhere itself.For this man does not use his senses - sight, hearing, touch, smell.Is it possible to develop their intuition?

Intuition depends on the simultaneous cooperation of both hemispheres of the brain, and it occurs more often in women.Women are more open to the world of sensations, it applies to all confidential and carefully.

In some situations, too often fall ladies - see prophetic dreams, remember the man - and he comes or calls like read thoughts.

Many unexplained intuitive sense we attribute to coincidence, so we ignore the important signals that our brain sends us.

Children listen more, trust your feelings and rarely make mistakes.Sometimes they know better than us what is good for them and what is bad.

intuition sometimes can save from death, to protect us from many diseases, to warn of the danger.

inner instinct can recognize the people with whom we communicate - whether we need those contacts?Intuition helps to understand each other, to improve the relationship between parents and children.It will set up the feelings of loved ones, just need to find time to listen to yourself.

And at work, much depends on choosing the right solutions, the ability to find the approach to people.

Intuition can be tamed

listening to him more often, you will learn how to master it as a musical instrument.Read books, listen to good music - it develops the imagination.Representing man draw his image, the surrounding landscape.

first impulse arising in the mind - a sign of a sixth sense.Do not try to analyze it at the same time instantly disappears.

you say, our fast moving times does not even know it, and I am here with his "listen to yourself," but try - and everything will be obtained with ease.And the solution to the problems that have a lot of, and interaction with people will go to the next level.Most follow his first impulse, it will lead to greater intuition.

Intuition - it is harmony with itself.This understanding that everything is done and done correctly.Do not torment false doubts, live at peace with himself.It appears confidence, the value of the "I" of his consciousness.

Our subconscious mind concludes, based on the collected facts: more facts - better intuition.This body language, palpitations, unusual behavior.After all, we know when people close to us telling the whole story, but from this knowledge?

Do not forget about their emotions, feelings, when you rejoice, happy.

Being close to a loved one, listen to his feelings.Talk about them, you can check how accurate your intuitions.

fear that intuition you fail - an obstacle to its development.Record and compare their feelings, then you learn how to choose what to attach importance to and what to discard.

for making intuitive decisions:

- Admit to yourself that you have done everything they could, and not find a solution.

- Again scroll in his mind the problem.

- Open up your intuition.Imagine the possible solutions.

- Wait until the next day.Do not take a decision in the momentary rush morning evening wiser.As anyhow - to give insight and decision certainly will overshadow you.

Trust your feelings carefully listen to yourself, and succeed!

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