How to explain to the child where it is necessary to give change

Today, you hold on to the hands of the very tiny child who is not yet a year old.But it will take quite some time - and it will go to kindergarten and then to school.But up to this point your child grow in love and understanding, where no one and never hurt.

How can that be if your child is hurt the other?What to do in such a case?How to explain to the child where to hit back?All these and many more other questions you can easily answer by reading just a few of the recommendations in this article.

Parenting child

Of course, every parent wants to protect their child from all kinds of difficulties and dangers.And this is really the right solution, but only up to a certain age.Do not get too pampered child, especially when the time comes to go into his garden.Gradually, it is prepared for the fact that life is not only good, but also evil that not all people will treat him well, though he did wrong, and did not.

before the child goes to kindergarten, be sure to hold a conversation with him about where to give change, and where better to just get away from the conflict.Young children are very difficult to give a clear notion of it all, but you will definitely be able to find the necessary words that kid will remember for life.

to psychologists: where you have to give change?

If you take the children of preschool age, they very seldom any conflicts between them.Except in very rare cases when the children do not share the toy.

most problematic age begins in boys at about 6-8 years.It is in this age of the children laid a sense of duty.He is now responsible for all your actions, so at this stage it is very important to understand a few rules:

  1. child should understand that the fight - it's too bad that he will be punished for it.And the kid will look for friends who hold this view.
  2. kid will remember where you have to make the change, if it is lucidly explained.If he accidentally touched or stepped on the foot - this is not a reason to get into a fight.
  3. If the child hurt, and he begins to think of revenge, play along in comic form that he understood that the use of force is very bad.

appropriate to the use of force?

If possible, the child should avoid such situations where he must use force.Therefore, it is better to bring him a confident person, and he himself will be able to fend for themselves, without anyone raising a hand.

Parents should always encourage your baby, point to his successes and force to bring the work to the end.That's how he is confident in his abilities, and you will not have to resort to how to teach your child to hit back.He easily will decide misunderstandings and conflicts with their same age.

Tips for parents

In any case, the parents themselves to decide whether to teach the child where it is necessary to give change, and where not.Not all people accept violence, but the child should be prepared for different situations.Therefore, to avoid a lot of conflict, parents need to adhere to certain rules:

  1. First of all, the child himself should not in any case be the initiator of problematic situations.Teach him to treat others the same way as he would like to be treated with it.
  2. sure to teach kids how to get acquainted with other children.
  3. If there was a conflict situation, and teach a child that you can discuss everything verbally, or ignore the appeal to adults.
  4. teach kids toughness, confidence and ability to stand up for themselves.In this case, the offender did not think ever again hurt him.
  5. To avoid fights outside the home, there is no place for aggression.Parents are obliged to respect each other and do not in any way to vent anger at the child.

Over time, the child is very aware of where you want to make the change.The main thing - lay it good moral base that in the future he made the right choice.