Beauty Glossary: ​​Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty - a surgical correction of the anterior abdominal wall of the abdomen and torso.

For several reasons, the abdominal muscles pererastyagivayutsya, increased skinfold, sagging skin.Get rid of these problems through diet and exercise is often impossible.And plastic surgery times - the only way for many women.This type of correction is usually appointed in cases where it is impossible or inefficient liposuction.In some cases, abdominoplasty help solve other problems, such as: deformation of the shape navel hernia, stretch marks, prolapse of internal organs.

Abdominoplasty - a very difficult operation, it is carried out only under general or combined anesthesia and takes an average of 2 hours.

The operation is horizontal incision above the pubis, the length of which depends on the size of the fat folds.Most often, there is a moving navel because, otherwise the upper abdominal muscles simply did not fit.Then adjusted anterior abdominal wall, changed her profile.Removes excess skin and fatty tissue, allowing the waist to make a more pronounced and get rid of "the effect of the apron."You should know that in severe cases incision is made vertical, and its length can be up to 6 cm.

Abdominoplasty - the same operation, just like any other and, of course, there are some contraindications to be considered in the planning of this process correction.Chronic cardiac and pulmonary insufficiency - the most common reasons that abdominoplasty is not possible.In addition, a contraindication to surgery is decompensated diabetes, extreme obesity, recent or planned for the coming year pregnancy.Based on the characteristics of the operation, it is not possible if there are other scars above the navel.

Experts advise not to do this operation before the planned weight loss, because the newly formed excess skin that will require regular removal.Important preparations for the operation together with nutritionists, beauticians, surgeons, and other doctors.

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