Hotel for the dead

enterprising Japanese Hisayushi Teramura established hotel complex for the dead.The company not only brings considerable income, but also has the prerequisites to expand, due to increasing demand.Why is that?On this - below ...

In Japan, as in many other countries, the final resting place for the dead is a graveyard or a funeral urn.

on the country occupies a very small area with a very dense population of 127 million people.

Now count how many acres should be set aside for the cemetery, if you die in a year and a half million.Therefore graveyards in Japan are very rare.The vast majority of the dead are cremated ashes and then transferred to the relatives of the deceased.

With a large number of deaths times crematoria can not cope, and for their services forms an impressive place.What would you do to relatives of the deceased waiting for his turn?Wait a few days for their turn with the stiffs on the table in the living room?

in Yokohama line to the crematorium have to wait a little less than a week, and that there the entrepreneur Hisayushi Teramura offers a way out - to use its property for the dead.

unpretentious guests are offered rooms with a minimum set of services: light walls, stone table for flowers and, of course, in the center of the room cooling plant.Thus no facilities are provided not only for its main guest, but, mainly, for the relatives of the deceased.

offers visitors the hotel has a bar.It is not necessary to load the brain with visions of dashingly tilting glass or two of the dead.Woe is poured inconsolable relatives irretrievably gone.

The daily stay for one person is 12,000 yen, or $ 156.Compared with the troubles on the content of a corpse in the house, the price is not very high.

Business enterprising Japanese not only brings considerable income, but also has the prerequisites to expand due to the increasing demand.Staff satisfied with wages and the absence of complaints from the residents.At times, only laments the reigning indoor sepulchral cold.

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