King magicians or street magician David Blaine

name of the person is always present in a special edition of US News.And no wonder - because something that dares David Blaine does not fit into traditional notions of human capabilities (for example, in the following video he briefly lifted off the ground and it is unlikely this is the usual trick).

said that the origin of his unusual talent himself, David Blaine explains very simply: "Firstly, I am very stubborn man, and secondly, in my veins gypsy blood, inherited from her great-grandmother on his mother! "But it is not easy to find an explanation of tricks that Blaine is doing in public.Well, for example, under his gaze watches one of the spectators suddenly accelerate.Another minute, and was present at the presentation of the street tramp gasps of delight - give them a magician mug begging, just empty, inexplicably is filled with coins.But Blaine attention has switched to the tipsy couple: map, plucked them from the deck and gave the wizard found ... inside with beer bottles.

He began to put on the "Color of Night" after participated in the ritual ceremony witches voodoo in Haiti.There, in the raging crowd, almost naked aborigines, he even made a ritual murder ... chicken."I am not a follower of black magic, but now know for sure that this unusual color enhances a person's ability," - says Blaine.

Born "great hoaxer of XXI century" - this is the unofficial title of Blaine - April 4, 1973 in Brooklyn.David still does not know who his father - the boy's mother was raised.It was she who, in the words of David, and taught him the first lessons of magic, having taught his son uncomplicated card tricks.However, the boy is so perfected the manner of their execution, which is already in the fifth year of a life income from his street protests have become a notable help for the family budget.

In ten years he played particularly impressive card wonders.But the most impressive number passed as a boy sits on a busy street behind glass windows, playing with a deck in his hands and inviting passersby to select one of the cards to guess.Choose a card David stacked in the middle of the pack, which, mix, throw in a "magic bag".Then sharp movement to shake out the contents of the package on the glass.Maps fell to the floor ... except one selected passers - inexplicably whenever it remained hanging, as if sticking to the glass!

This trick about David Blaine learned outside the United States.Soon, he had his first trip abroad - to the island of Haiti, where the young magician's performance was a huge success.Over the next few years the teenager has traveled with its own program almost the entire American continent - from Canada to Brazil.And almost every time his show was sold out.

In the late 1980s, David Blaine performs with its own full-fledged program in one of the most prestigious entertainment centers United States - Las Vegas.In front of several thousand people a fragile young man, dressed all in black, they looked for hidden things, guess conceived desire, made a real miracle - with a few magical passes enlivened ... dead pigeon, which for a few seconds before using the electric shock wasstopped heart that there were medical devices.

He used to return to the life of the pigeon, "the power of suggestion and magic."

In the mid-1990s, Blaine began intense preparations for the first of his phenomenal stunts.... He decided to bury himself alive in a plastic coffin placed in a water sarcophagus, which, in turn, was to be buried a few meters into the earth's firmament.

«Blaine challenge to the devil!" - Bluntly said a spokesman for his main rival - David Copperfield.Numerous friends magician - and these include celebrities such as boxer Mike Tyson, actor Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio - unanimously rushed to dissuade him from this madness.David, however, stood his ground, promising the audience a "new, unprecedented miracle."

Miracle became a reality in April 1999.David Blaine for a week immersed in the cave, keeping in touch with the outside world only by means of two plastic tubes, descended from the surface (as it was fed a small amount of air and drinking water).It had before it and horn with which it could, if necessary, to signal an alarm.Everything that is happening on the waterfront West of Manhattan in New York City "live" went on television.During an unusual experiment in place voluntary burial hoaxer has visited 80 thousand people.

lie on a two-meter depth of nearly 170 hours in close plastic coffin with a glass sarcophagus filled with three tons of water, Blaine came out strongly in the brushing of the risen dead.His gaze wandered, his face was deathly pale, and now and then curves - seven days almost motionless lying in a coffin, it lost the ability to mimic.Eyewitnesses recalled that the mage swayed from side to side - a sure sign of a disorder of the vestibular apparatus.To keep from falling Blaine, aides were forced to pick up his arms ...

«Resurrection" Blaine was given a hard time - during his stay under the ground, he was forced - for obvious reasons - to abstain from food, and therefore has lost 8 kilos.However, immediately after the end of the experiment Blaine began to prepare for the next test.

November 27, 2000 began the detailed descriptions of the new experiment.The magician, wearing a waist-entered cut vertically in half 6-ton fragment of the iceberg, delivered on the eve of Alaska.Both halves of the transparent cube soldered seam.Inside the ice cube - the contour of the body Blaine - has carved a niche.Magician could only stand there, not moving and not touching the body to the ice.Blaine condition mentioned sensors mounted on it, and inside the tubes iceberg fed air and water with a small addition of ascorbic acid - thus intended to protect the wizard from blood clots.

Blaine ventured on this experience after numerous training ... in a barrel of water, which his assistants constantly spiked with crushed ice.Gradually, he made sure that his body temperature dropped to a mark of 33.7 degrees, which is in accordance with the practice of medicine is a clinical hypothermia with irreversible consequences for the organism.However, as it turned out, the main danger lurked not in the cold and in the heat ... of his own body, which under the influence of an ice block at the end of the second day of the experience began to melt from the inside.

rectify the situation was pouring iceberg special liquid and sprinkled with crushed his artificial ice.Physical state Blaine throughout the experiment was normal, except for a severe pain in his back and legs, caused by muscle spasms.
late evening of November 29 assistants magician began carefully to cut a rescue hole.An hour later, half dead from the cold and immobility, lack of sleep and food Blaine was finally removed from the ice prison, where he spent nearly 62 hours.The doctors were seriously worried that he strongly frostbitten feet, but that, to everyone's delight, did not happen.

Another unique experiment was successfully completed on 24 May this year.After spending almost 35 hours on top of the 27-meter pole installed in New York's Bryant Park, the hoaxer then jumped on a pile of cardboard boxes.Needless probably mention that this time during the day and a half Blaine did not sleep, did not eat or drink.He did not use any one embodiment of insurance, except for small hangers welded to the top of the column for which he could, squatting down, stay in the event of strong winds.

«All those hours I lived on adrenaline!" - Blaine said right after the jump, which, incidentally, was the most dangerous part of the experiment.Preparing it for "landing" a famous Hollywood stunt coach Bob Brown, a lot of work in his time with "Stunt Man" starring Nicolas Cage and Kevin Spacey.

Five years ago, Blaine said his next trick will jump from the Brooklyn Bridge.But we know over the last 100 years, no one, tossed with the bridge into the river of the East River, survived ... David plans to jump at the worst time of the year - winter.

And handcuffed.Promising at the same time free from the handcuffs even before the float to the surface.Unless, of course, emerge ...

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