How to stop being angry and start to live?

Look at the faces of passers-by on the street, most of them gloomy and dismal.Although an unexpected question: "Are you happy?" The overwhelming majority answered, "Yes, I have a good husband / wife, healthy children, a decent job."All of us are dissatisfied with some little things, but almost every one of us, by and large believe that life is good.So what we spend energy on anger over nothing and forget to enjoy the main?

stress, fatigue, lack of sleep makes us moody and aggressive.Meanwhile, the negative that is accumulated inside, generates anger at the whole world.Have you ever wondered what a feeling experience often during the day?I would like to believe that most of the emotions make the joy of communicating with loved ones, job satisfaction, enjoy the warm rays of the spring sun in the end!

And in fact - waking up, we get angry from having to get out of a warm bed, at work, angry at the boss behind a pile of tasks in the morning, a colleague, during a voice zabyvshuyu important information on the phone that is ringing incessantly.On the way home to get angry queues in shops, traffic, high prices.So it turns out most of the day, we are wasting time and energy on emotions that oppress us, instead of enjoying life.Let's try to get rid of this destructive feeling, until it hurt us.After all, if you wish, you can even learn how to find the pluses in the things and the people who annoy us.

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Live bright!

best way to get rid of negative feelings - to switch attention to something more pleasant.Fill your day with bright events, colorful emotions that inevitably displace anger and depressed mood.There are several effective and proven ways to add life to drive and dynamics.

Start small - smile! colleagues sitting across the table, his neighbor in the stairwell, valet parking in the parking lot, the seller in the store yourself in the mirror, at last!And you will definitely smile in return.Maybe trite, but it is not difficult and great uplifting.But somehow, we forget about it, preferring to be angry with the whole world, shaking the nervous system.Smile every day until it becomes a habit!

trip. change of scenery - wide, a sure way to gain positive emotions.There is no opportunity to go abroad, go to the next town, the famous historical architectural buildings, the sea, the lake, the village, admire the spectacular scenery or find interesting tours along the edge of the island, caves, waterfalls.I bet - there are many places where you have never been.The main thing that environment nothing like the usual routine.

sports. Any physical activity - a great way to throw out the negative thoughts out of my head, and thanks to endorphins cheerfulness and positive you will be provided, and the many problems you will begin to have to look at a different angle.

Take creativity. Perhaps you have an old dream, or unsolved latent talents.Creating something beautiful, we become a little happier, revealing hidden facets of his soul.In many cases, the opportunity to express their perception of the world through art can successfully replace a human therapist.Plenty of room for choice is quite wide - painting, singing, poetry, music, or maybe you want a child to play in the theater?

Remember the main thing. To live a life wasted, it is important to set priorities.What for you in the first place?Certainly for the majority of the most valuable - their families.Especially offensive, I understand how little time we spend with relatives.Still, after all, we are always busy, tired at work, and at home has so much to do ... Tell your loved one that you love him, the child read a story, call parents.

Do not forget about the little things. our everyday lives are made up of hundreds of little things that frustrate us, irritate and even infuriated.Make sure that your day was filled with pleasant trifles, treat yourself to a bright dress, hang above the desk a positive picture, cook yourself coffee, flirting with a pretty sysadmin.Add in your life rich colors, paint the walls, for example.Scientists have shown that changing the interior, we force the brain to work with greater productivity.

Live easy!

Anger - that same feeling, the occurrence of which a person is unable to control.Suppressing emotion, carrying a bright, aggressive color we just pounds her deep into the subconscious, where it continues to oppress our emotional state.Therefore, if you are angry, the only true solution is to find a suitable way to get rid of anger, throw it.

effective method - vent anger on something tangible.In the wise Japanese have long been in the offices there are the so-called "relaxation room" where employees can splash out anger, pounding cudgel gutta-percha doll, as two drops of water similar to the beloved boss.If, instead attach a photo chief target darts savagery seems you try to beat a pillow or vent anger on paper - be crumpled or torn him.Using this method it is important to keep in mind - to throw out the anger is allowed only on inanimate objects!

more secure way - to say or shout all that has accumulated.Unless there is an understanding listener, it is possible to do it by himself.As an option - to write about everything that worries you, angry, annoyed.And do not hesitate in expressions.

positive option - Enable loud music, sing, dance, jump, swing his arms.Release your emotions, allow yourself to fully relax, let the motion be chaotic, do not estimate how it looks from the outside.Powerful splash of negative energy is guaranteed.No wonder has recently become popular is the direction of the dance as a modernist, where all the traffic is on the basis of an internal impulse, as if by instinct.Modern recommended "busiest" people living in constant time pressure, as a way to relax, to release mind and relieve stress.

Whichever way of getting rid of negative emotions you have not used, it is important to achieve a state of relief.If you are splashed all angry, you probably feel physically, you become much easier.Feel how your body is almost weightless, and the place of negative emotions come joy and peace.

Live in peace and harmony!

We do not have the right to disrupt their bad mood on their own kind, even if they are not we cute.Each of us is surrounded by some people who for whatever reason do not like or even annoying.To try to change their negative attitude to the person with whom to have to talk, try the following tips:

• Put yourself in the shoes of the person who is trying to feel sympathy.Try on a situation in which it behaves as you feel inadequate.Try to look at myself through his eyes.Perhaps in your behavior there is much that can also be unpleasant to others.

• Find positive qualities in a person who annoys you.They are at all.Surely he has friends and relatives of people who feel a deep sympathy for him, love.Think of what qualities you can love and respect and dialogue Concentrate on them.

• In most cases, in others we are annoying flaws that are present in us.As soon as you recognize its disadvantages and forgive yourself your little imperfections, you will be much easier to forgive them and to others.

• Introduce the person to whom feel antipathy small, defenseless child who does not realize his actions.Try to be patient and calmly explain what it is you think he's wrong.

• Or maybe the whole thing in you?Malaise, fatigue, stress - and you begin to irritate everyone whose behavior does not fit your desires.It is important to understand - the people around do not have to suffer because of what you do not like that.

Rather, once a person feels that you have been to treat him with great sympathy and participation, it will change their behavior towards you and, in turn, will try to establish contact with you.If, despite your best efforts, did not go to understand and accept the person to whom you are negatively disposed, you may want to just cut your communication with them to a minimum or completely abandon it.Even if the person you something useful, think about your own peace of mind may be more expensive?

There are so many things worthy of our attention and valuable enough to occupy our time.So is it really worth the energy, feelings and emotions are completely useless anger and resentment?We are building our life, and only depends on us, whether it is filled with vivid events, joyful moments, achievements and new goals.Live in a fun take on the life of utmost value every day and you will be happy!

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