To become a man, a child needs education

to become a man-child, you need the right education.From the parents' contribution to the identity of the baby depends on the knowledge of forces and all his fate: life, thought, the choice of companies and the like.First of all you need to bring in the child the moral needs.These include: responsiveness, ability to active kindness and installation of "do not do evil to anyone."

parenting is based on the following principles

  1. not forget and do not hesitate to show their love in a relationship with their child.
  2. not to resort to force in the process of education, otherwise the child may get the impression that everything in life can be achieved by force.
  3. Always promises given to the child, then you will not lose the confidence of your child.
  4. To pipsqueak has not lost confidence in themselves and their abilities, do not scold and punish him for every bad deed, you can sometimes just to assess the situation and suggest how should behave the baby in it.
  5. Do not scold the child in the presence of strangers, so it does not feel humiliated.
  6. kid should feel part of the family, do everything possible to do so.
  7. Monitor and, if necessary, adjust the environment to your crumbs, because it is no secret that creates hostility animosity and politeness - respect, and so on.

child under one year

Baby born, just learning to understand our world, every day to learn something new.He is defenseless, and so it is at this age like no one else needs to their parents.The child understands little, but feels great kindness and caring relatives.All that he needs in this period of life, it is to be sure that his love mom and dad.Grudnichok takes all the time parents and requires a lot of physical strength, but in spite of fatigue, it is important to keep the warm air in your nest to crumbs was comfortable and learn to develop the adult world.

child from one year up to 5 years

Children this age very curious and inquisitive, they absorb all the information like a sponge.The child has already developed enough physically able to express their views and attitudes to a particular subject or action.These kids often ask questions, and parents need to be patient and quietly respond to them, without exception, even if the kid asks the same questions several times.During this period, the development of children is changing their environment, in addition to mom and dad, the child communicate more with their children in the yard and garden.You will notice that your child's favorite cartoons appeared, songs and lessons.The main thing is to become a man, a child needs to explain what is happening and of interest to it in terms of morality, that is, talk and teach what is "good" and what is "bad".

child 6-7 years

your child is entering a new period of his life - he goes to school.Now your child begins to realize that he has, and their duties, and, of course, the recent crumbs that all the time playing and having fun, it will be difficult to live with it.The task of parents explain to a child the significance and necessity of the learning process, the first time to pay much attention to joint homework, do not leave him alone with the possible difficulties, he must feel that no one, then get used to the school and to the emergence of responsibilities will take place less painful.Pre-school education of children should not be based only on the shoulders of educators in kindergarten, parents must make a significant contribution to the education of their child.Make it so that the child easily given all undertakings of the school.

Factors Affecting Children

on the development and education of a child can affect absolutely all the factors of the world around us, so the task of mothers and fathers as much as possible to protect it from the effects of negative factors and to instill good character traits and customs.None of the parents will never be able to protect her child from such events in our life, envy, anger, betrayal, lies and more.But the education of children in the family should equip them with the knowledge and algorithms correct behavior in a given situation.In other words, parents should prepare the little man to adulthood.

main factors influencing the development of the child are family relationships and the process of education.To become a man, a child needs to see a harmonious, warm relations between the members of his family.This factor has a strong influence on the kid, he's starting to feel the atmosphere in the family, while still in the womb.In the formation of the elements of the process must take into account peculiarities of education of children.It should be borne in mind that the impact on the world of the child have not only his immediate family, but also peers, teachers in kindergarten.However, the most important task of parents should be to instill values ​​and the correct position on the basis of which will be formed and the nature of the child, thanks to his knowledge embedded within it will be easy to navigate in all situations.

Education grandmothers

necessary to specify in advance points with regards to education of your child with the grandparents, otherwise, baby may begin to perceive them as "good" because it will be all allowed, and parents as "poor"as soon as they are engaged in, and his education, something forbidden, something for abuse.For example, the baby has to understand that a lot of candy - it's bad, but not that sorry mom and grandma there.If your parents are not going to compromise, then we can threaten to restriction in dealing with his grandson, as it is still primarily your child and you are responsible for his upbringing.Still, do not be too strict with their grandparents, because you yourself are sometimes not averse to treat their child.

to become a man, a child needs a lot.The education of children is nothing supernatural and the impossible, more kindness, patience, and kindness, and all you get.