Beautiful delicate manicure (photo).

nails can tell a lot about a person.Manicure for women - is one of the main components of its image.

main success of a good manicure - healthy nails.They claim to his careful treatment and care.Before we talk about the delicate manicure, let us recall the basic postulates of beautiful nails and care for them.

Rules nail care

briefly the basic rules Nail Care:

  1. Nails are composed of cells of keratin, so in order to make them look good in the diet should be a sufficient amount of calcium, protein and other nutrients.
  2. nails, as the skin, require moisture.They need to moisturize both outside and inside, iedrink plenty of fluids during the day and use moisturizers outside.
  3. Always, in any situation, the nails should be clean.There is nothing more unkempt than the dirt under the fingernails, it applies to both women and men.
  4. Every week you need to file nails, giving them the desired shape.For a week the nails have time to grow up, and initially their perfectly flat and smooth form requires correction.
  5. Manicure must always be clean.Even if they only have one master, the tools must be periodically sterilized.This will prevent the possibility of infection from accidental cuts.
  6. Trust your feelings.If cropping cuticle appeared pain, then it should not do.If there was blood (this should not be), just to be treated the wound with peroxide 3% (it would suspend the blood and disinfect the wound).
  7. If somewhere skololsya varnish, then it must be removed completely.Better entirely without varnish than a ragged manicure.
  8. If one broke a fingernail, trim or file off the rest to the same length.Gentle manicure short nails looks no worse than a long and nails of different lengths look untidy.

These rules are known to all, but sometimes it is useful to remember.Now it is necessary to talk about what the best use of manicure tools.Of course, they must be made of a material which can be sterilized to avoid infection.This metal tools.

How to sterilize instruments

sterilize them in a disinfectant solution can be, for example, 3% -s hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol, to immerse.Of course, pre-wash the tools with detergent.The disinfectant solution is immersed for at least 30 minutes, then get it and dry.

Another method of sterilization - heat in the oven.Temperature - 180 degrees, time - 15 minutes.

Now you can do manicure.Do not be afraid even if you accidentally hurt, the infection does not get into the wound.

Tools for home manicure

Emery boards can be made of metal, glass or disposable.Metal nail files are good because they can be easy to file your nails to the desired length.There is much debate, harming metal nail files nail or not.Maybe, if the nails are weak, glass nail files in this sense less traumatic.

Glass nail files great length not clean, but they are ideal for the exits.When using a nail file less likely separation of the nail.

Nail scissors is better to buy quality.On the package there should be the inscription "Hand sharpening."The same criterion to consider when choosing cuticle scissors and tweezers.They, of course, will cost more, but it's worth it.

easily nail clippers to cut the nails and cuticle scissors with a specially rounded edges will use even a layman manicure.

Sticks for cuticles is also better to choose the metal.They are durable and easily sterilized.

now directly about the manicure.

beautiful manicure (photo).Delicate hand care

If the varnish on the nails were, it must be removed with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover.Then, should wash their hands with soap and dry them thoroughly.If the nails will remain wet, then the pruning shears or filing weak nails may exfoliate.Trim and always need to file only dry nails.If nails are not very healthy, crumble and break, they grow not.Gentle manicure on short nails too, will look good enough.

Now it's time to trim all the nails to the desired length.This should be done by moving the scissors from one end to the other nail, scissors should be directed along the natural bend nails.You can not start this process from the middle of the nail, asIn this case, the nail may crack or delaminate.It is not necessary to achieve perfectly smooth edges, then it can be corrected with the help of nail files.

Probably.We have always been some debate about how to file nails.Is it possible to move the nail file back and forth, or more correctly move it in one direction only.In fact, true to both.If the nails healthy and strong, nail file that can be run in either direction.But if your nails are weak and brittle, it is best to move the nail file in one direction only.But in both cases, the movement should be slow and wide, not jerky and vomiting.Even if your nails are short, you can make a noble gentle manicure.

desired shape made of nails.Now it's time to nail polish.

Polishing Polishing is necessary in order to nail looked perfect, as well as for better adhesion to the surface of the nail varnish.So polish will last longer.By the way, with polished nails can do without lacquer, so too will a nice gentle manicure.Picture it is attached.

start polishing should be protruding from the bottom of the nail.Next, go to the very edge, polishing his protruding parts that remain from the filing.This is done through a rough hand polishing bar.Next, go to the nail surface, first the rough side of the bar, then fine.Movement should be crosswise.For each nail sufficiently few seconds of polishing.Almost ready beautiful manicure (photo).Gentle option it for any occasions can be found in directories of experts with or without pattern or simply polishing.


for cuticle care in the home need to bath with soap and water for hand stick from an orange tree or metal cuticle scissors or clippers cuticle.

now be dipped in warm soapy water fingers and relax a bit.How many minutes to keep your hands in the solution?What you see fit.Then remove your hands from it and blot excess moisture.

Next, using a cuticle stick to gently move it from the nail and carefully cut away excess skin and burrs.It is not necessary to cut off too much, because you can get hurt.In addition, the cuticle protects the nail matrix from harmful elements and infections.Gentle manicure can be done not by cutting the cuticle, but only pushing it.

your hands are perfect.It can already be considered a complete manicure.Polished nails well without the varnish, especially if they are short.Gentle manicure short nails ready.Will apply on your hands moisturizing cream or lotion.Now you can wrap your hands warm towel and sit quietly or lie down, listen to music.Heat helps moisture to penetrate into the skin.

If you wish, you can go further.Make gentle pink manicure.


With the help of polish can make nails glass or metallic colors or soft as rose petals.But do not ever have to hide under a varnish or diseased nails groomed.Apply the varnish should only be healthy nails with a good manicure.

So continue manicure gel polish.Delicate flowers perfect for any occasion.Pink versatile, suitable for secular parties, and to work in the office.

first applied basecoat under the varnish base.It will help the varnish-based tightly attached to the marigolds.This ensures that the surface of the nail is left fatty plaque, whereby varnish will last at least six days.When the base coat is dry, apply foundation.

Further, when it dries, and, One coat of varnish.Apply second coat of varnish should only if the result is not satisfactory.When the paint is completely dry, it should be applied to each nail varnish layer anchor.Gentle manicure ready.

final stage

If this seems not enough, you can add a simple drawing in several thin slips, draw flowers or paste stickers.But after that, the anchor layer must be applied again.The main thing for a great manicure - nails are healthy and well-groomed hands.For the details about the person, you can learn a lot.