What questions to ask a guy - that is the question!

Increasingly during dating at the present time the initiative in the hands of the fair sex.And even in the case where the initiator acts as the representative of dating the male half of humanity, the lady should be able to keep the conversation going.But what questions to ask a guy with whom are unfamiliar, many damsels are not always known.

conversation should be casual

first rule of conversation - the ease and naturalness.It is not necessary to load the interlocutor our problems, it is not necessary to discuss sensitive issues in the first conversation.It is best to ask neutral questions.For example, a good idea to ask the opinion of the new film, to ask about what he saw recently.Thinking about what questions to ask the guy at the first meeting, you should not discount the theme and work, leisure, hobbies.

be able to listen to the interlocutor - a valuable quality

It is very important to talk often not even what questions to ask a guy would be the interlocutor, and the way she listens to the answers.After all, can it happen that a girl touches a major chord in the soul of the young man, who sincerely decides to elaborate on the topic.And just imagine for a second, companion bored interrupt him in mid-sentence and notice a guy on any person in remote or openly zevnёt.It was then down the drain!Man closes even the most attractive girls like shield and to reach his soul will be virtually impossible.And the problem is, what questions to ask the guy will disappear by itself, because of the fair sex will from now absolutely not interested in his interlocutor.

surprise and dumbfound matter - excite to his genuine interest

And if the young man does not pay attention to the modest girl?Well, you can interest him, an unusual setting, even a ridiculous question.You can make him laugh them - it's not scary, because laughter disarms even the notorious cynic.And here is a question to ask the guy cool, funny and original?You can use the school knowledge.For example, ask, not whether he knows who is stronger, a cow or a camel?Or even this question will lead a young man in turmoil: a polar bears love honey?By the way, the answers to these questions are fun to know the girl does not necessarily - it is important not to poke his nose Man in that it requires the development of intelligence, but simply to draw attention to themselves.

Questions guy that girl bind affection

In this situation, everything is much easier.Here it is itself intuition tells the girl about what is best to lead the conversation.But if you still interlocutor wondered what an interesting question to ask the guy, here's her good advice: you can boldly ask what really interested her at the moment.Although there are questions the answers to which will reveal some hitherto hidden side of the character of a young man.For example, such: what do guy if proximity to him solicits unfamiliar person;how do you do if your door at night knocking a woman holding a baby and asked to spend the night.Interestingly, the answer spokesman girl?