How to respond to an insult.

Sometimes we have to hear in your address insulting words.And very often it happens at a time when we are least prepared for this.Harassment can be heard everywhere in a traffic jam, at any time, in transport and other. What do you do when this occurs?

How to respond to an insult

defending himself from attacks, can come under a flurry of punches like and counterattacks.But there are ways to protect yourself and do not drop at the same dignity.So next time when you will be criticized, use the tips below.So, how to respond to an insult.

1. Find out the cause

As a rule, the one who criticizes himself crowded offense.Ask the person what was bothering him.After all, the offense may be generally directed at you.Look at the situation from the outside and try to understand the reason.

2. Analyze said

Suzette Elgin in one of his books suggests lay offended you phrase into separate parts and not to the victim at the time of the answer to the accusation.For example, note that if you had a little love, it just would have lost weight, you can fend off this way: "A long time ago you decided (a) that I do not love you?ยป

3. Use the symbol

Thinkany symbol, and you do not even have to think about how to intelligently respond to the insult.For example, you can always carry a small towel.When you start to criticize others just cover their heads.Critics of the person you will be ashamed, and he is unlikely to want to make repeated attempts.

4. resort to humor

If you do not know how to respond to an insult, it is one of the best tips.For example, if you are told that your pants are made of fabric, which upholster chairs, then you can answer this way: "Well, in this case, take me right to my knees."Humor - one of the best protections against abuse.

5. Come up with answers in advance

Quite often people use in their speech formulaic phrases.Therefore, in order not to get lost the next time, practice beforehand.Make a list of rude, occurring most often, and think of how to respond to an insult beautiful and dignified.

6. Do not mind

If you are told that you have recovered five kilograms, say that not five, and ten.If the abuser is not backing down and asks what do you do with obesity, inform him that the fat man going through a few months and maybe even years.The strength of the offensive words are defined only by our own assessment, and if to agree with the criticism that the offender will remain with nothing.

7. Turn to face the offender

directness - it is one of the most effective tips on the question of how to respond to an insult.Ask your abuser, why he does it and realizes whether the impact of their own words.After that offended you people understand that his plan is opened, and immediately retires because he was caught red-handed.

8. Ignore

Hear insult, a deep breath, imagine that it did not sound to your address, and immediately forget about it.Forgiveness - is one of the most important abilities that help to live.