How to educate the sons?

To the child has grown out of an intelligent, honest and happy person, parents will have to work hard.It's not a simple matter, requires a great deal of love, patience and knowledge.But it is the primary duty of all parents!Most simply do not know how to educate sons to successful self-grown men.

Tips for parents of boys

question of how to bring up sons, parents should start to solve themselves.The child with the most early age remembers a speech where he talked of his close friends.Kid absorb everything like a sponge, even when he is not yet able to talk.But properly assimilated them later deliver a speech on the need to visit a speech therapist.

extremely great maternal love for children - this is bad!How to educate sons, so they do not become a complete egoist?Most kids do not need to care, and freedom, and the boys in the first place.Let the kids do know the world, dismantle toys - it is inevitable.Kids are like that - all break and learn what's inside.Therefore boys should always be toys - designers and more that can be disassembled and assembled as you'd like.Most boys do not collect that intended by the manufacturer, experimenting, and this is expressed in their creativity and search for meaning.

How to educate sons, so they were not afraid of anything?

If children are afraid of something - any "babaek" ghosts, or a neighbor's grandmother, raise their self-esteem, and say that even though they are small, but men.They should not be afraid of anything or anyone, be bold and strong.Let the child feels a person, an adult, even more is small.

Responsibilities child

no contact with her son both to innocent child!How to raise a son, a real man when he grew up, and on the threshold of the school?Most kids are willing to become adults as soon as possible!Here and begin to treat their child as an equal itself, it will only add to his self-confidence.

sure they grow older you need to attach the baby to the household duties.It is not recommended to encourage him money or gifts.All that needs to hear the son of homework - it's only words of gratitude.It is one of his first duties, and let a child get used to the fact that someday he will create his family, which need to be taken care of.This helps in deciding how to raise a son man.The achievements of their child necessarily need to be proud of and support all of its starting: be it drawing, modeling, singing or sports.

TV in children's lives

Do not allow your child to sit around the TV for hours, looking at foreign movies.From an early age monitoring program, which is looking kid.Choose instructive, kind and fantastic cartoons.After necessarily take the time to discuss that like who the main character and why he did so.Condemn negative actions of heroes, praise the good and make sure that your son understand what actions are bad and why, and that is an example to follow.

Physical education

How to raise a son of this man through sport from an early age?It should start doing morning exercises, preferably together.Take care of your own body and keep it clean - this is a very important duty of every human being.Buy your child a dumbbell in view of its physical data.With age, the weight should be added.Exercise will certainly develop the muscles of a boy, make the body stronger and stronger and will create the correct male trapezoidal shape, which later will really like girls.It is recommended to send their children to any sports clubs, such as martial arts - is sure to come in handy in the life of self-defense.In addition to excellent physical fitness, a sport develops and worldview man.

relationship with the opposite sex

As a mother bring up her son so that he respected and liked girls?It tells him that all girls - are the future mothers and wives, so you need to take care of them, protect and love.To impart an understanding of family values ‚Äč‚Äčrecommended at an early age.The boy needs to grow in the understanding of the fact that he is the protector and helper.Explain son that is strictly forbidden to beat the girls, even if they are bullies.Let learns not to take part in quarrels with the girls, and depart in the direction of better or let off steam through physical exercise.

learn to be a good friend

How to raise a son of man, and a great friend?It is necessary to encourage dialogue with the stronger in spirit and successful children, put them in the example.We need a child to instill the idea that real friendship should be valued.Son must from an early age to respect their friends and never let them down.

What else should I pay attention?

Teach your son to order, do not learn to throw the clothes, clean the house in its place personal items and toys.For their efforts in maintaining order necessarily praise.Let attached to this kind of work for themselves and their families.The mess in his room, and can be punished.

How to raise a son of a real man?It is necessary to work hard.Nobody says it's easy.Stipulate appropriate mode of the day, and strictly adhere to it: how much to get up and go, where to go, when to rest.Concessions are allowed only on weekends and when the baby is ill.But if something forbid, do not behave themselves well, or he may then refer you.

Teach a boy to be guided in the city, among the houses in your neighborhood - it will help him when he is on the street alone.Teach your baby to focus on nature.Take time, go with him into the woods and explains what signs to look out for in order not to get lost and find your way home.Let the boy show independence and decision-makers need only monitor its actions and help when needed.

sure to talk with his son about the family budget.The child must learn from childhood that not everything is allowed that pleases him.The boy should tell any revenue generated from the family budget, how much per month is needed for food, how much is deposited on large purchases, entertainment.He has a right to know its share of expenditure in the overall budget.Encourage independence in him the desire to earn their pocket money.

Why did the boy's father?

should also know how to raise a son to his father.Well, if Dad would tell his son about the heroism of the ancestors of the family and explain what and to whom people owe their birth, for which our forefathers fought.

Father certainly should encourage the independence of his child, accustomed to the idea that the boy should be able to live with dignity in this complex world.The child should be prepared for any unexpected shocks.Even at preschool age boy needs to know who he is, his name when he was born, where he lives, the address data of the immediate family, such as grandparents.Be sure to remember the full names of their parents, and phone numbers.Know where and who are working parents, how to get to their place of work independently.It is recommended to teach the child how to behave in a strange place, and in cases, when suddenly he lost.Actions parents and son should be clearly coordinated.

Mom boy learns compassion and empathize with other people perceive the world as a safe place.From her baby receives love, care and affection.Mother intuitively know how to raise a good son.In society, the pope boy begins to realize that they belong to a male and acquires the necessary skills.Watching his father, the son learns to obey and command, to achieve its goal, to take care of others, be responsible.Of course, my father is a need to show concrete actions, then the boy will acquire personality traits that would like to see later in the adult male.Without the pope's difficult to grasp the baby male behaviors.Adult men who raised a single mom, sometimes passive and lack of initiative or too conflicted.To live in your family, take care of her, make friends with other men is more difficult for them than for those children who were raised in an intact family.

If mom is one

How to raise a son of man, if not the father?Unfortunately, this situation is not uncommon.If everything is done with love and well, the mother is required to cope!It is undesirable to handle calls to the boy child.Treat son need as an adult.It fosters in him the courage and the right character.

How to raise a son, if the kid is not before his eyes the example to follow?

  • We need to be sure the boy is sometimes seen examples of male behavior.So try to encourage him to communicate with acquaintances by men: a grandfather, an uncle, a family friend, coach, colleague or neighbor.Let the child spends with them as much free time: fishing walking, playing football, tinkering with the details in the garage.During these sessions the boy will get acquainted with the world of men's interests.For him, it is a necessity.
  • the boy grew up not too feminine, should always emphasize it good features of male behavior.For example, when watching a movie calling his attention to the positive actions of the stronger sex.
  • perfect Son, "masculine behavior" will certainly mark and praise!For example, a child nailed shelf, to repair something or helped a neighbor to bring her grandmother packages.Try loudly admire her son: "What I have strong! Just a real man!"In response to see how the kid will swell with pride.

Tips lonely mums

If a father is present in the child's life, you should not limit their communication.Also, do not tell her son angry and insulting words of his father.And if the mother is not the pope how to raise a son without a father?

happens that single mothers put an end to his personal life and devote themselves to the education of the whole child.They will not go out, they are not interested to chat with anyone, just live in a closed world, where only the mother and the baby.That should not be allowed!It is necessary to find the strength to go to the theater, to the swimming pool, on an exhibition or do unusual hobby.Then the child will be interesting to chat with his mother and spend time together.

All psychologists advise: never try to convince his son that everything in this world he is only obliged to his mother.Boys with education generally, or too late to get married, or not at all give birth to their families since their childhood "programmed" that they do not need anyone except his mother.

course, single mums hard enough to find a middle ground in the education of his beloved boy.I do not want to spoil too son and at the same time not to pull away from him.Be sure to try to become your child's friend, who is genuinely interested in its problems and successes, all the events in his life.

We must remember the most important thing: the child primarily needs love and care of their most loved ones.He must be sure that even if all turn away from it, then the world will still be one person who will take it for what it is - it's his mother!