Buttons do not work on a laptop, what to do?

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modern lifestyle requires incredible mobility and speed of action.Today, our indispensable assistant becomes a laptop.Internet connection is in tandem with the electronic device allows a person to feel almost omnipotent.But there is another side to the coin - the person becomes dependent on electronics.And it is - an obvious fact!

technique in the hands of a savage ...

If the crucial moment faulty laptop, some buttons are not working or the battery is discharged, then this turn of events may lead to the development of the script is not the rainbow.Especially when you consider the time to carry out transactions online transaction or bank transfer.

careless hand movement - and you watched in horror as a cup of coffee spilled on the keyboard beloved laptop.Follow resuscitation nature to nothing significant will not lead.Pervading fluid still prove its destructive ability.After some time, you make sure to include the unit that the buttons are not working on a laptop.Perhaps then you will not want a long coffee ...

In the above two cases, a laptop, of course, is not to blame.Blame our human arrogance, a certain restlessness and, of course, extreme carelessness.Of course, technology is intended primarily to help people and relieve some of the processes.Therefore, the purpose of this article - to help you to properly respond to the unexpected manifestation of "user destiny."After all, the one who has the knowledge, armed!

What to do and where to go?

According to the laws of physics, the liquid was inside working electronic device capable of completely incapacitate the entire notebook or some of the hardware device.In this case, the affected part was the keyboard.Since the laptop keyboard unit attached to the body by certain structural elements of the laptop and connects to the motherboard via a short loop, the process of self-dismantling damaged parts may affect the value of pitiable further repairs.Therefore, the first thing that should make the owner of the electronic assistant in contact with the liquid inside the computer, unplug it the battery and contact the service workshop.

Important and useful tips

1. Buttons do not work laptop keyboard and touchpad, and you need to finish an important assignment?Moreover, work is performed on the hard drive of the laptop, and you have lost all hope for a favorable outcome?There is an alternative method to control the device through the input interface of a portable computer.

standard USB keyboard that is inserted in the laptop clearly help to resolve the situation.

2. If the keyboard does not respond to keystrokes, make sure that none of the buttons the device not stuck or has undergone mechanical damage.

3. If you do not operate the buttons on the laptop, most likely, the system requires a specific driver, as some service keys function only after the installation of special "wood".Usually this function keys laptop: brightness controls, volume, and other navigation buttons.

4. Very often, the reason that the buttons do not work on a laptop, it is the operating system itself.Reinstalling the OS - effective solution to make sure, is not the source of the problem a software glitch.

5. In some cases, the culprit incapacity keys may be burned microcontroller.In this situation, visit the service center can not be avoided, because the time-consuming process of replacing parts requires specialized knowledge and experience in the installation of the damaged item.

In conclusion

If the above guide does not help, and still do not work the buttons on a laptop, do not attempt to disassemble the unit yourself, and to apply the method of "spear."Manipulation inexperienced hands can lead to quite serious problems.It is better to turn to professionals.Very often resolve this problem costs the owner of a laptop worth a penny.It is not necessary to be upset before the time and expose favorite computer at risk of being destroyed by his own hand!