Some recommendations on how to become a super-lover

In the XXI century, when society exists in freedom of manners, have a mistress for a man - is typical and natural.Some of the fairer sex are quite satisfied with the status of "concubines" since they receive from men not only compliment, but also luxury gifts.A certain part of society has a negative attitude towards women-Kept as hunting for alien spouses, they are destroying the family.However, the moral aspect of the issue will not be considered.Most women will be interested to learn how to become a super-mistress to her husband, and thought that he did not admit of any intrigue "on the side."The recommendations given below can help in this.

However, special rules about how to become a super-lover does not exist.Every man for himself to decide what qualities must have an ideal woman.Anyway, the general advice on the subject of how to become a super-lover, after all, you can isolate.

So, what kind of recommendations?

  1. If you do not have the slightest idea of ​​how to become a super-lover, you know that the first rule - it is able to predict the sexual desires of men.In bed, he "will signal" about how to please him, so the rest is, as they say - a trick.
  2. female figure to be as much as possible match the 90 x 60 x 90, and too lean ladies men "do not attract."
  3. If you want to become a great lover, after intimacy with a partner make sure it compliments like, "You were irresistible and gave me great pleasure."
  4. Sleeping woman should be creative and proactive.This is undoubtedly attractive to men.
  5. Those who do not know how to become a super-lover husband must understand that for a huge number of boys is important not only to the process of intimacy, but also a "prelude" to it, that is affection, which precede sexAct.A woman should be able to implement the most unusual sexual desires of her lover.
  6. Lady, located in the status of "mistress", must have a certain level of intelligence.Men are simply not interested in women, which is not something to talk about, even if they are in bed - perfect.Representatives of the stronger sex sometimes need someone who can brainer "to talk."
  7. How to become a super-mistress?Tips are: men like beautiful and sexy lingerie, and "flaunting" it is necessary to partner on a regular basis.This may be a corset and garter belt and lace underwear.
  8. woman claiming to be a "concubine", should take care of that face and body were always well-groomed.Today, in order to maintain the beauty there is a huge variety of creams, masks, oils.
  9. lover should be able to create an intimate atmosphere in which a man could relax as much as possible.As accessories for this optimally suitable aromatic oils, candles, dim lights.

Do not be upset because of the fact that any of the criteria you meet.If a man is not indifferent to you, then it does not matter, you will become a great lover or not.The main thing is that you are close!